in school

You know you are a foreigner, when people look at you, and you are thinking are they looking at you because they like you, or because they are curious about the new image they are perceiving in their presence. There are expectations, stereothoughts and things like that, but you are really just what you are, there are clever asians, stupid or let’s say less clever asians, clever europeans, less clever europeans and the list can go on with all the categories of the human race. Let’s take me for instance, i think of myself as an less clever asian, i mean, i was a bad student all the way to the end of high school when i had no choice but to start studying for real as the stakes were high, with the school payment and so on. Although it mustn’t necessarily be a valid argument in the scale in being clever or not. The real reason i think of myself of a less clever asian is that i can’t really learn stuff fastly, it may or may not be with my preference to the material of study, but seriously how can i not like at least one subject (except sport, everyone loves sport, except people who don’t love them, but they are rare) between 16 of them. Yes, that much, when i was in the elementary school, on the 7th grade i had 17 subjects, all from maths through chemistry to latin, not to mention three languages of bosnian, english and german. Now back to the topic, everyone expects us to be good at school, who knows why, maybe because of movies where nearly all asian roles have those nerdy glasses and rock in school, not rock as rock’n’roll, but rock as in the nerd dictionary, rocking all classes with high notes or better to say grades, or maybe it’s because everyone here thinks if you’re a foreigner, you are either 70% in an embassy or in my case 30% people think that you came to sell cheap stuff from China. And if you’re from an embassy, you got to be clever because your dad should be clever to work as an ambassador. But the reality is different from the foreign thoughts depending on the person.


2 thoughts on “in school

  1. the way you think is the ultimate proof that you aint less clever, especially not “less clever asian”, cause that sounds like double prejudice – racist and very wrong. Things like that should not be bothering you, because people who know you think of you as a very smart, interesting and charming human being. :)

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