when i enter a shop

The expression of the workers, is it amazement, or fright. Amazement, you know why, and fright, like in their minds “OH, **** i have to speak in english to this guy, where is Steve when we need him, he speaks english fluently, should i say hello can i help you? oh wait, i don’t know how to say that! Hmm, maybe i shall just greet him in bosnian language, what will happen then? argh.” And then, in the end, they don’t decide on either and go with the body language, a slight smile or head bow does it. Ok, the worst is finished, they think. Then i start wandering through the shop looking for the hair spray, or apples, apples are nice, oranges as well. If i can’t find it, then i find the nearest worker and give him the fright bomb, there i look into the eyes of the worker and say in bosnian language, “Gdje je lak za kosu?”, then they enter the state of voidness of 2.5 seconds full of self-questioning and realization, “did i really hear this? did he just speak this language?” and then their mind either accepts that i spoke in that language, or it gets transported to the it-didn’t-happen, it-can’t-happen section and just reply in english, “I’ll show you where it is.” I pick up the hair spray, and go to the counter, show them the product and hand in cash, then it starts again, they play it safe and ask for change in english language, where after it is over i thank in bosnian, and throw an another bomb of voidness.


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