arrival to the foreign world

One day, my dad announces to my family, we’re going to europe. Kids start jumping, mother starts thinking, dad starts sweating. But the most important thing is the part where kids start jumping… you can guess what was up in our young minds, like europe equaled germany and germany equaled wow, wow equals big buildings and everything that comes with that package. In 1998, our first trip with the airplane, you know what comes there, wow skies wow, wow sun wow, wow we are flying, wow look at the cities down there just like in strategy games o.O, the scary toilet flush hmm it isn’t as scary as the train toilet flush, but again it was kind of scary and back to the topic. The trip with the bus to our new place, the expected expectancy went down the flush after summing up the information our eyes picked up from the bus windows, it was the first time we felt in some degree the reality, the left-overs of war. Homes, or better to say, the four walls that were protecting nothing, holes on the walls and roofs nowhere seen. Our eyes were glued to the replicas of the end of war. Finally we arrived to the city, it was better, but there were still many crushed buildings in the sides. Most of people were still clothed in black.


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