before sleep

Hmm, don’t know why i started this post, time for sleeping is closing in, i usually sleep at 12 which is pretty late or not as it is school time, but i ruined my good sleeping habit of 10-5 when the time changed, don’t know exactly the name of the process, and i’m lazy atm to google it, i guess you know what i mean. Every time it comes, it ruins my sleeping habit, which is strange, when it comes we should get 1 bonus hour, but it rather gets distorted. I gave my little brother my blog to check out, and he was like reading the about me section and suddenly he jumps and asks me, “WE HAD A RABBIT?” i was like, oh yes, and he was like, “Was i alive at that time?”, No, “Aaaah you haad a rabbiiit :(.” YES, then he kept on reading, and he realized it died because of my poor take-care, to be more precise i didn’t feed him and so he escaped and a car hit him :(, and there he went on again, “Oh you are such a bad keeper, why didn’t you feed him?”, then i told him to just keep reading because i am writing this article. By the way, he was born here in Bosnia & Hercegovina in 2000, the year of the dragoon, yes, he keeps showing off that he is a dragon, while i am a monkey. He was named after this country, Hyun Bo, Bo as in Bosnia, and i asked him whether he likes it, and he said sometimes i like it and sometimes i don’t, what an answer seriously. Next to him, i got an another brother and a sister who is married and left to New Caledonia following her husband in studies. Okey, i should go sleep now, good night.


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