what kids think of me

I haven’t mentioned in the about me section that it was a rarity for an asian to be seen as it is still an developing country, and much time hasn’t yet passed since the “war”, i put war in apostrophes, because i think war is when two or more sides battle for victory and both sides have possible and realistic chances of winning, which was not the case in 92′ which is a totally different topic where my knowledge is vague. With that in mind, the only asians to be seen were not even a handful number of asian embassies, and a handful of street sellers. It is still a rarity for an foreigner to be seen here who is not a tourist, but it is much better with the development of the technology, economy growth and all seeds that come through it. Now the image of me on kids minds wouldn’t much differ with not grown grown ups, but as the years are still young, and with the case that the most of percentage of our brain is filled with pokemon, digimon, and other synonyms when we are young. I think that kids find me fairly interesting. Sometimes i want to change the positions want to see what they see. Walking past a shopping mall, there stand a mother and her child, preferably some 10 year old who is well-mannered. The kid just looks at me strangely quoting david after the dentist in his mind, is this real life, and me using the opportunity to make silly faces at him thinking that they will forget it or just throwing another bomb of voidness by telling him to just believe in his cards. In the other case, with the same 10 year old kid, but bad-mannered, pokes his mother and shows his finger on me and says, “Mom, mom, look at the chinese.” which wouldn’t be bad at all if there would be no ignorance and error-full thoughts present.


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