the first few years

Mom: “Hey Yi-Sun (sister, oldest) go buy bread,” sister: “Hey Su (older brother) go buy bread,” brother: “Hey Soung go buy bread,”, me: “Hey Bo (younger brother) go buy bread.” Hmm, joke, he wasn’t alive at that time, but it sounded nice. It wasn’t laziness that hindered us from going to the shop, hmm maybe a little bit, but the main reason was that we were different from the people. Every time we would go out, to school, for a walk, or any other activity that requires us leaving the house and reveals us to the outer world, we had to endure the looks, the words, the fingers shown on us from other people. In the trolleybus, in a shop, in downtown, people would say things like, why did we come you come here, do you want to steal our jobs, oh look at that chinese guy, do you know bruce lee, can you show us some moves, not to mention worse things. Now, random bad mannered kids making fun of us was bad, but it wasn’t more frustrating than the people who checked tickets in the buses were hunting us like we had some bounty on our heads. They would enter the buses or trams just for us and next to other several dozens of people, they would just bug us, sometimes there were situations where they would question our valid tickets, argh, frustrating times. Anyway, it was fairly livable for me and my brother as we always sticked together, but i must mention how painful it had been for my mother, who didn’t even want to accept the fact of living in this foreign place, we had friends and knew the language as the time passed, but it was not the case with her. It is much better now as we got to know the place and vice versa, the advantages are starting to reveal themselves which i will talk about some next time.


4 thoughts on “the first few years

  1. When I was studying accounting at my faculty, I had many foreing friends. Yes, it is true, I’m a guy who wants all the time to know how others live, what habits they have and stuff like that.
    But my mates, almost everyone thought that a foreign is someone who has a lot of money or at least a big scholarship. They also thought foreigns are a bit odd and some times very fools. So, to be foreign is a hard thing.
    I’m glad I have some foreign friends since I was studing at university even know when our studies are done.
    It’s very interesting to read all your post.

    • Yeah, its pretty hard, especially in a country that had hardships not long ago, but as much it is hard i believe, it can get better the same. Thank you for the comments, keeps the blog alive xd.

  2. well that’s how it is for every one out of the ordinary or out of the picture…
    fingers pointing, teasing, harassing and so many things and actions are taken against people who are unique

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