music school

Ok first things first, i most viciously and obnoxiously hated it from my deepest and darkest parts of my heart, i described it to myself as the hell on earth where the most ferocious darkness is accumulating as the time passes… the more we would enter those gates of perdition and keep ourselves open to the intoxicating contagion, the highest levels of the apocalypse would unveil itself to our deepest core and take its purpose of contaminating every part of our holy ancestral bodies to the smallest parts on the edges of flesh and blood. If one would ask us for a wish, not a single bit of second would be wasted on reasoning with our minds for the best possible wish to exemplify, it was as running for a professional runner, it was as in second nature to conclude our wish of destroying the building of the above mentioned, to the most dusty ashes, with any tool possible, or more preferably the ones they add the adjectives of ‘mass destruction’, yes that’s more like it. Mass destruction to its deepest atoms of existence, dusty ashes, that’s too weak, the science and technology should incorporate its 100% capacity on all stages of pre-production, production and post-production in en-living a power so enormous and powerful which destroys or rather i’d say wipes out our the specified target to its soul so to say, it should wipe the roots of its existence, reason of existence, the reason of reasoning the reason of its existence, the past roots of its creation, to stop it from re-making the apple that caused all this downturn of the human nature and humanity itself. The times when i had to practice for classes can be most easily paralleled with the times when the concept of time turned in my mind into hellish manners, the worst and darkest pieces of art drawn, the notion of consumption of the time itself was levitating to the utmost and the most limitless heights of hatred towards all the abstract concepts possible. I guess it was a part of the asian routine, sending kids to research facilities to see the potential strengths to further unleash it to the development for the most signifying position where one achieves its maximal potentials.


2 thoughts on “music school

    • Arghh, that sounds bad, we had more theoretical type of classes in school so there was no reason of singing, but i sure singed in the choir in music school -_-

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