my opinion for music school two

This is a follow up post from my last one about music school where i wrote a lot of petty things i felt in my stages of life while i was in the specified school. If you have read my last post, i believe you realized how painful and how childish i was, though some of the opinions may still be true to myself now, i now want to enchant the advantages one feels after finishing that kind of institution. I couldn’t bare myself leaving the trace of hatred without leaving at least some glimpses of light that is true. Yes it was frustrating, but now when i see the nervousness before the exam, crazy practicing times at late hours, i can’t stop myself from smiling, maybe because it is all over now, or maybe those were parts of the fun times of a teenager. Not to mention numerous friends whom i have met and with whom we shared the survival journey of the music school. The most interesting thing was our same feelings towards the school, our similar wishes of wanting to finish that institution as fast as possible, and the fun times we had together in solfeggio classes. No matter how much stress i gained throughout the six years, i can’t hinder myself of expressing how proud i am now to have finished it and to have acquired elementary skills and knowledge for violin and more importantly the music itself. It is being one of the pillars that build my confidence in everyday life , a gem in my mind that can not be expressed with words. Now i wish to thank my dad for enrolling me into that monstrous institution, with the same extends how i have stressed to him for reasons of sending me to the suffering… and also my professor who would really feel pitiful if he would have read my last post. Who knows to which unnecessary activities i would have thrown my time if i had not gone to the music school. If you are curious if i had used the violin after i finished it 4 years ago, yes i tried it around four times and every time i try it i wonder how i had not forgotten to play it after that much absence.


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