how a foreigner manages food

mend or die. Seriously, you have to mend to the foreign world, can’t keep eating the home food because of the lack of material source, and you can not not eat the food in the foreign world probably because of the reason stated above and also other miscellaneous reasons. At first, it was pretty hellish, killing the grievances and thirst for home food. The only ways to eat some was when one member of the family would travel back to Korea and bring some, and that wasn’t so often. But moreover i feel we appreciate the food more and it tastes hella better because we can’t eat it every day, although i don’t know if this is just self-consolation or truth. My mother manages to cook a variety of korean food but those are only a small percentage of all, and even the material for that small percentage has to be bought either in Korea or in some developed nations in Europe. Oh this article is so bad, like so bad. But whatever, the food here, we like it although we don’t cook it by ourselves much, we eat it maybe once or twice a week, most of the time, our table is filled with korean food. Ok that’s it for food, i will probably write some more about this topic, gtg or i’ll be late.


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