chill, and advantages of being a foreigner

Chill, its pretty chill, the weather is chill, the people are chill, i’m chill, everything is so * chill. There are numerous main advantages of a foreigner living in a foreign country, and especially to add in a foreign country where a foreigner is pretty seriously foreign in the most extreme definitions and degrees of foreignity. Foreign like, a foreigner in a kilometer foreign. If you know what i mean. Advantages number from all sorts of leisure, education in a way, fun, job opportunities and chill. It is pretty interesting being a foreigner especially when you are from a totally different race foreign, not European living in a european country foreign but a different color living in a different color country foreign. I wish not to detail this part of advantage but i hope you know what i am implying. To articulate about the job opportunity advantage, you can sell all kinds of stuff from spices to garments to the foreign country by putting out some cloth on da floor in da city and spurting loud declarations about the uniqueness of your produce and earn some in the way, not seriously but you get the picture. To put out a more concrete example, as I was from a different race around five years ago I have been called to act in an advertisement for Sinalco drink where the concept of the advertisement was one of mixing different races and spurting out loud declarations that the drink is being enjoyed in all the corners of the ball, how awesome the drink is and all things that come to that package. The only word I said was “Sinalco” by popping on the camera and I got like 50 euros, which my mother took telling me that she will give it back, which never happened. We can continue with this job opportunity section next time, and the last part of the advantages is the chill one, so chill.


4 thoughts on “chill, and advantages of being a foreigner

  1. “which my mother took telling me that she will give it back, which never happened”.

    Ha, ha ! That’s funny.

    But I’m absolutely sure she gave you more than 50 euros since then. :D

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