how a foreigner manages to create an idea for a new article

He doesn’t. This sucks. I hate having to brainstorm about the topic to write about. Especially at school, when the professor wants to give us an essay assignment, and she just tells us “FREE TOPIIIC”, yay, how easy for you. Though, it should be of a benefit to us because we can write about the things we write about. But man, wouldn’t it be easier, if she would just say, “How education affects our affections towards the effects of outer world and the probable affection of the outer events to the effects of our affection towards life”. She would cut a main part of the job for us by giving a topic, and plus, it would be easier for her to grade the numerous essays. Ok, back to the topic, when I sit to write a new article, I just start wandering through my life and wonder what you wonder about my life. As this blog is niched to the consequent area of a foreigner’s life, I’d have to stick to it, so if you have anything curious about a foreigner’s life, send me a message or something and I’ll surely write about that if it’s appropriate. I look forward to reading your propositions.


8 thoughts on “how a foreigner manages to create an idea for a new article

  1. It could be worse. As a foreigner myself, I just had someone jump down my throat for not reading the fine print in a blog post.

    I think we should take pride in our fluency and how it enrichens our way of communicating. Hell. You could write your article about that!

    • Hey Joe, i see you are a clever man, i had to read your comment three times to not understand it. Thanks for commenting, and from the way i understood what you meant is that foreigners get the benefit of knowing his motherlanguage and plus the foreign language where one has moved? I think it is a great topic to write about, thanks!

  2. Hi Hyunsoung! I was wondering if you can write about your religion and Bosniaks’ religion(s). I don’t know what do you think about your religion living so far from your home, what do you think about their religion(s) and they says about yours.

  3. Well, you could have written about getting an idea for writing a new article. That one always amazed my teacher :p

    I like your blog. I like the way you live the foreigner. There are different types of foreigners though; imagine being a foreigner in your own country, like being Bosnian but feeling like an alien in B&H ~.~

      • My experience taught me it’s only those that never felt Bosnian for certain reasons who don’t want to be Bosnian in the first place.
        Most of the teenagers are pretty proud to be Bosnian -.- Pseudopatriotism I’d say

        • Yeah, sorry, I didn’t express myself clearly, I think most of them are proud to be what they are, but its the economical and political situation that is what they don’t wish to be. :) Cheers, and thanks for the comment.

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