i think it is going to rain

I looked outside and there i see navy clouds surrounding the vast realm of the skies, like there will be some invasion of a kind. Little navy aliens in their little spaceships but of sturdy composition preparing to consecrate this land of Bosniaks. Don’t know if the sun is on their side or ours, or just standing there like judge of some kind, shooting rays of light that doesn’t damage nor heal, i wonder what those aliens think of the sun, prolly as one of the pagan gods, or just an another part of the universe that keeps itself intact, or maybe it is one of their allies, showing them the way, that would suck so much. Back to the aliens, this is so sick, i don’t know what their size is, i wonder if they are stationed in the raindrops, composed of nano-dimensions, without the need of excess energy provision, just existing as the air exists, composed of the one and only material, their existence itself. Their main ship, the big cloud that is made of mutinous unity of the little spaceships, fusing to transform itself to a powerful new being that can astonish its enemies through its gentle and unpredictable ways of conquest. Slightly moving their tactics as they have no time to worry about, living as much as their sun lives, they take no hurry and grow their patience as their swiftest weapon for their conquest of the new realms. Now, seriously, i think it is going to rain here.


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