religion in bosnia and herzegovina

A dear reader of mine asked me to write about the religious situation in this country where i live in since i was 4. Basically, it can be paralleled with the political situation, where numerous ethnicities exchange the seat. The three ethnicities of Bosniaks, Croats and Serbs are gathered in the one whole piece of land. And as such is the religious situation, catholics, muslims, and orthodox fractions are sharing the same land. Why is it so mixed up? If you ask me, as you can see from the map of Yugoslavia, Bosnia, even though it wasn’t the capital city, was in the center of the Republic. After the war, it split up into several fractions in all aspects such as politics, language and religion as well. The catholic cathedral, orthodox cathedral and the muslim mosque are established in the center, in a radius of 1 kilometer, and so people call Sarajevo the Jerusalem of Europe. When i see my neighbors, on the one side there is the orthodox family, who will call me soon for Easter and the muslim family on the other side. The orthodox family always call us for their holidays and treat us awesome bosnian food and they saved my older brother get eaten by random dogs in a cold harsh winter day. Which i always wrote about on our essay assignments in elementary school. I hated writing, and lol, school as well. When on a gathering, people don’t inspect much on religion as some other countries do. There are around 25% of mixed marriages. It is just a passive person specification which is not much emphasized and cared about. Lol, don’t know what more to write about. That’s it about religion folks. Yeah, personally, i don’t have a religion, but i sure believe in God.


5 thoughts on “religion in bosnia and herzegovina

  1. Very interesting for me. I’m always curious how religion affects the behaviour of people and relationship between them.

    Even I don’t leave too far away, I don’t know much about Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    So, personally you don’t have a religion. I thought you are, don’t laugh, buddist. I thought that every korean man is buddist. :D

    For me, it is nice to know that people are living in peace togeter even they have different religious affiliations. It’s so sad when I read about religious extremists.

    Thank you.

    • Many korean tourists ask me the same question, if the religion affects the way people relate, but there is really no effect, everyone is living together, as far as the religion goes, the ethnicities are a different thing ^^

      Hahaha, thats what most of people think, that i am a buddist :)

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