random shitz, lol

lol, so i’ve been busy with my exams, presentation and other misc work. Didn’t post much. I hope i haven’t lost followers, i got so few of them lol. But that’s natural, its a new blog, and there are no pictures, and people love pictures… i should post a picture, yeah that would be a smart idea. Maybe i’ll post a picture of the town i live in, so you get a more correct presentation in your imaginations. Yeah, i’ll do that, there is an awesome place in the middle of the city, a coffee shop there high up in a hotel, awesome view, will do on a pretty sunny day. Its like raining now, through the window, such a depressing and melancholic view. Lol, i see my neighbor, that orthodox one, working, these older people work so much, like wake up at 6 am, and work the whole day, but she cooks so great. She makes awesome sarma, i love her sarma, its like a cooked cabbage covering minced meat and also rice. My mother sometimes makes it, but it is not even close to hers, so yeah, 1:0 for the neighbor.


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