hello ^^

It really has been long time, since I posted an article. I am sorry for all those who were expecting anything. Many things passed, one of them being the exams, they were pretty easy tbh. The only thing I had to do was study before the lectures, follow the lectures, and read notes at home after lectures, that’s it, like 80% of everything I had to do for the exams. But the problem is that many students don’t even do this much. I was also in the seaside with my aunts and uncles, oh yes, I didn’t tell you that my aunts and uncles came from Korea to visit us here ^^. It is the first time for them to come, and I hope it won’t be the last time. Also my sister came with her husband. So our house is like so full, but I don’t have to worry much about food with two aunts and my mother. My father even cooks sometime xd. We went to Cavtat for the sea, it is a small inhabitat with a beautiful sea, though it is very salty, but it makes it that easier for swimming and its more healthy. Although if it enters to our inner parts through our noses it is pretty bad, very pretty bad, because plus to that I had pollen allergy. I still have it, though I feel that it’ll pass soon. This shit is real. It has been bugging me for like 3 months, usually it goes for 1 and half, but shit got really serious. Hope it won’t come back next year. That’s it for now folks! Now comes the tagging process ._.


4 thoughts on “hello ^^

  1. waaa :D so happy u finally posted somethin ^^ i wanted to write ya tday if ya still alive xD kkk. i love this post thank you :) .and dont worry for the pollen allergy, i hav it too and i was strugglin hardcore -.- but i got a medicine for it since few years now ^^ . it really helps,the allergy stops totally and u can enjoy ur summer.ill bring it in september though when i come down, c u ;)

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