long time no see

Yep, feel free to hate me. Didn’t write anything since July, but be lightened, I haven’t wrote anything anywhere. So its not like I abandoned this ship, but I abandoned my writing in other places as well, but its ok, because here I am again. There was no specific thing that made me stop writing, I guess, there are always numerous reasons for an issue. Anyways, I was in Korea, yay. I haven’t been there for like five years, which is pretty long. Visited all my relatives, ate lots of food, gained weight (which is like WHAT, unbelievable, but yeah), visited many places and experienced new things.

The first thing I felt after leaving the Incheon Airport, which is something I didn’t choose to feel, was the IT WAS SO HUMID, LIKE WHAT IS THIS, IS THIS REAL LIFE? I looked for a shade, and it was like WHAT, DOESN’T HELP AT ALL. I bought a cold drink and it was like OH THIS TASTES GOOD, WE DON’T HAVE IT THERE, BUT ITS HUMID NONETHELESS. Then I realized, that nothing helps, unless, you are in a closed place, and with good air conditioning, that’s why the prices of cars are higher in summer, people love them moving with air conditioners.

Was staying at my aunts, she was very busy but nonetheless, made me an awesome dinner, which was samgyeopsal, I was like WOOT THANKS LOL, itadakimas. I came, I saw, I ate. First nights, I couldn’t sleep until 4 a.m. because of the new time zone, but it was fine, because my aunt also can’t sleep fast, and there were we, watching TV while the other people were sleeping, or working, they work like pretty hard.

And yeah, we have a fair number of relatives, and so we were like BUSY, COULDN’T EVEN REST A DAY, but it was OK, because it was like FREE FOOD AND FREE EVERYTHING, we (I went to Korea with my brother) came back with more money than we brought which is not bad at all if you ask me.

Had a great time, and here I am back again, today my university days start again, yeah, nerd mode: on.


4 thoughts on “long time no see

  1. Hi there!

    Nice to see you back!!

    Even if now I’m not posting on my blog, I still read my favourites blogs.
    You have been in Korea for a couple of weeks, that’s very exciting, or at least for me it is.

    Here university starts on October 1 :D . I wish you good luck and don’t forget to write from time to time!


    • Hey man!

      Thank you, and yeah, it was pretty exciting since the difference in culture, food, and also the economical aspects is huge, and plus to that, most of my relatives live in Korea whom I can’t see often.

      Oh, have fun studying then!

      See you!

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