IT’S OVER 1000

Unfortunately it’s not over 9000, that would be awesome… but yeah, it’s surely over 1000, and I even took a screenshot for you, idk why, lol , i guess i saw a blog somewhere and that dude also did a photo of this kind… so here it is, wait let me figure how to put a photo, yay found it.


Yeah its awesome, and it is even 12 12, ITS THE END OF THE WORLD lol, not, i don’t believe in the end of the world, and not that I don’t believe  (double negative for the win), it’s that i am sure of it, why? because of reasons. Maybe I’ll reveal them one day, but surely not today, like I got a test on literature tomorrow so I am definitely not in the mood to reveal life changing secrets, yes. Lol, anyways what was I about to say, hmm, yes, it’s over 1000, and like, hmm, it’s not bad right, i mean 1000, at first i was like wow at 100 views, but its 1000 now, so it means like I’m like wow at 1000,  then it will get 10 000, and then it will be like LOL ITS OVER 9000! Anyways, thank you all for reading these silly posts, though this one is like the silliest of the silli, hmm silliest of the sillest, no, its like sill, THE silliest of the silliness? sillfull, not, the silliest of the SILLIESTS! RIGHT THE SILLIEST OF THE SILLIESTS I DONT KNOW IF THIS WORD EXISTS, BUT I WILL JUST LEAVE IT HERE, if it didn’t exist, then, let it exist from this moment. Yay, I’m like now the creator of a word, though it’s not a great word, it’s just a silly word, but its better than nothing, like we in Bosnia like to say, bolje ista nego nista lol (without the lol obviously), and I can say Bosnia, because I mean Bosnia and Hercegovina by just saying Bosnia and it is a known fact, but YOU FOREIGNER, lol I am also a foreigner, but it doesn’t count, i lived here for 15+years, YOU must say the full word, i guess lol. Yea, thanks for reading my blog, and I hope we can continue this to OVER 9000. Ok I’ll stop using this OVER 9000. It’s not like it’s the Mongols.


5 thoughts on “IT’S OVER 1000

  1. u r really the silliest ;) happy for ya congrats on ur 1212 view!!! well i neva check my stats, so after i read this i saw mine.. -.-….and yeah *cough* yeah…now i put a link to my blog on my gravatar ;) im a pro ;P

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