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I missed you too. And this blog is not dead yet, I perceive.

As you saw, this blog is pretty spontaneous. Just like my feelings towards (‘towards’ is the British form of ‘toward’ from the American form of the British form ‘towards’) it. I just drop by to write when I randomly feel like it. But I can’t say that I don’t love it. And you know why? Because. Of this. I can do whatever I want, and write however I want. Though, I still have to stick to the main purpose of this blog, as its name says, OR DO I? Anyways, its true that I haven’t written anything for weeks, or months? Why? Because. I did it again, and I love it, and I know that you don’t love it. And this song that is now playing, so dull. Bad for my writing. No, I won’t tell you what the name is. Ok, where was I. Yep, this post won’t have anything about my life as a foreigner (or will it?), but that I was consumed in my nerd mode for a time. To be more detailed, university nerd mode for the evil exams, why did I signify what type of nerd mode it was? Because I am still in the nerd mode, even though it is vacation. My hard earned vacation. I hate school (as in generalization of public education). Before, the reason for it was that we had to study and ‘things like that’. But now, it is because I like to study. But not what my school says I should study, but what I want to. That is also one of the reasons I studied hard to finish my exams in time, so that I can read what I want for a month that I have for this winter vacation. So here you go, I publicly confessed what a nerd I am. Whatever definition of nerdness you wish to reflect. I just wrote about an aspect in the foreignness here. If you study hard, you are perceived as a weirdo. It has been like this since the elementary school. And it still is. Though I was such a bad student when I was younger, pretty pretty bad. I just played games, because, I WAS SO GOOD IN IT, and some other reasons, hmm maybe racism can also be listed in it, figure why. Though it has changed a bit that we are in the university, but still, majority of students are really not so serious about their studies, and the students who study hard, are being mocked upon as being no-lifers. And what is ‘life’ in the no-lifer anyway. It hurts my mind to think that some younger people can perceive life, as getting drunk every other day, sitting sipping coffee for hours or watching pointless TV programs (if ‘life’ is the equivalent of ‘not studying’). Anyways, I am pretty hungry now, so I shall go eat.


5 thoughts on “a random title from the random titles box

  1. Stop gathering more wisdom, >theyThey< will get you.
    What book(s) do you read? :)

    And what games do you play? :D

    • Hmm that’s a good question, what books do I read? lol. Before I used to read personal development books, books about japanese discipline (ikr), psychology and the classic novels… at the moment, I am consuming books from various subjects, mainly the histories of the subjects, to get a general idea basically ^^ Umm, I used to play MMORPGs and shooting games, I don’t have to name any of them right? haha, but now on free time, I watch animes, movies and korean dramas/shows… what about you?

      • Wow that’s rather impressive. I read some personal development books too, but discarded them as bullshit soon enough. I did Japan too, but their religion mainly. I WAS consuming books from various subjects when I first started reading but I guess my memory wasn’t THAT great to conserve it all so I started focusing on writers that got to me. So right now I only have a few writers I really enjoy reading, which doesn’t mean I don’t read enough. I do, but reading something cause your mind wants it is a different experience than reading something cause your soul wants it.
        Nah no names needed xD I play RPGS mostly cause I cherish the story and characters of games, and you gotta admit they’re the best at that :p I used to watch animes but I stopped, right now they’re too time consuming, and I enjoy movies as well :)

        • Yep they are pretty time consuming, but its nice to watch them sometimes while eating right? ^^ Oh i find this sentence rather interesting ”I do, but reading something cause your mind wants it is a different experience than reading something cause your soul wants it.” So do you think the soul and the mind can have the same want or need? Given that both the soul and mind are at ease. Can you tell me what writers you like? And yes, RPGs rock.

  2. Mhhm~ Animes while eating ^^ But considering most animes I like have hundreds of episodes I’d get fat in no time xD As I said I do love animes but since they require a lot of time I rather stick with mangas since it’s faster and they don’t bother you with unnecessary fillers :)
    And yes of course, soul & mind can have the same desires but it depends on your own Self. But for me they are separated. To be honest, I haven’t read a lot recently, I wanted to give my soul a break xD And to keep this comment short I’ll name just one writer which is my fav. It’s Haruki Murakami. You should try his work, though most of his books are kinda weird and abstract but they rock. And hey now I got the explanation, books that are desired by my soul are the ones that help me improve emotionally, while my mind desires stuff of scientific value. And mainly, my mind finds resort in psychology, where I especially enjoyed Carl Jung and Freud.
    How about you, willing to tell what writers you like?

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