i bought a new toothbrush and its awesome (a kinda misleading title)

OK you didn’t expect me to write another post so fast RIGHT! And I like to fulfill your un-expectations! And I don’t know if that word exists and I don’t want to google it right now, because I am washing my teeth and want to finish this post before I finish. So, why did I start writing this post. Yeah, I figured you figured, I don’t have much concrete information about this country, and it wouldn’t hurt for you to know about it right? And no, I am not going to write about the history of Bosnia & Herzegovina, nor am I going to take photos of its fancy buildings and additionally write a caption so that you don’t have to think about what the hell it is supposed to be. Yes, I am cruel, and life is cruel also, BUT. Did I just end the sentence with a but? Is that legit? Nevermind. BUT, I am going to share you a blog of my friend who is Bosnian, but she is not living here, although she visits here sometimes, and shares her stories about this place, more objectively than me. So her blog is like sharing stories about her home-country from a foreign perspective as well as local perspective? To put it in a different light, she her blog will share her views on her home-country in a local perspective as well as from a foreign perspective? I just wasted some seconds of your life with the last sentence. But seriously, let’s get serious. So her blog will share her local views from a foreigner’s perspective? Does that sound ok? Or, her blog is about her as a local who turned into a foreigner sharing about her foreign life as well as the local life. Anyways, you know what I don’t mean. So, go check out her blog http://kathermackey326.wordpress.com/


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