update about the blog

So I had an idea yesterday, everyone can see the amount of suck in this blog, that is going nowhere, and no posts whatsoever are being posted. So I had an idea to bring in a change, which may decrease the amount of suck and bring some more elements of awesome, you know, lasers, cats and overpowered Apache copters. This blog has been strictly about stories of a foreigner, both literally and non-literally, strictly or non-strictly. But from now on, you may see some other random posts, with random topic and random randomness. Some of you may know, that I already write about the topic of self-improvement at searchwarp, but from now on I may post it here as well if I find it appropriate, and as well as other bunch of random things from my thoughts, epic findings and et cetera. And of course, I can still post awesome stories of my foreign life.


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