How to Enjoy the Journey

Oftentimes, living our lives, we stop and ask ourselves, are we really enjoying our lives?

People are blind. We don’t see what is in front of us, but we prospect what may be in front of that hill, and often that view can be misleading. We don’t appreciate our past, our present, but wait for the future, which seems so much more interesting.

There are so many universal words that hold true for themselves, and we think that we are following them, just as we think that we are enjoying the journey.

From the old times, work has been a form to keep our needs met, and with the factor of limitless greed, we have been kept in the miserable circle, blindly running for the carrot in front of our noses.

If we continue like this, will it be late when the destination is met? Will it be late to enjoy? Will it be late to live?

Here are some points on how to enjoy our journey.

Appreciate what you have. Our wants, often blind us of our haves. And more sadly, we tend to appreciate our haves, once we don’t have them anymore. Although then we can’t appreciate them anymore, because they will become hads, not haves. Take pride in what you have, love it, cherish it and use it. They can be in life forms, our family, our friends, and ourselves. And they can also be in the less of life forms, though also lively, everything else that you and your loved ones own.

We can’t turn back time. Time is an adventurer that doesn’t come back. Love every second you live. Don’t let yourself later say, “I wish I had done it otherwise”. Appreciate your present moment. Use it for making your tomorrow brighter. Control yourself. Be thankful for every moment we can live.

Don’t deny yourself. Do what you can’t not do. Take off your mask. It is ok to live sometimes for others, but don’t let it take over your life. If you don’t feel like doing something, don’t. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t work or study. It is different, working hard is a necessary factor for success, and it is not wrong nor evil to succeed, in a good way.

Enjoy and learn from the present scenery. There are no cameras for our life’s journey. So we should try hard to cherish every moment. Enjoy the present position. And learn from it as much as you can.

Love yourself. Without loving ourselves, it is plain hard to do the hard tasks for our improvement. Studying, working (what we don’t enjoy working on), can be difficult if we are doing it for someone else. But in fact, it all incorporates into our selves and shapes us. Don’t think of the dull tasks as dull, but as important components that develops us. The us whom we really love.

We live only once. So make it last. Do something significant. Meet your potentials. Be the best you can be. Don’t let the rules and external noise shape your dreams and aspirations. If you don’t have any dreams, make it a dream to be the best you can be. Be a positive role model for the world and make a positive change.

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