Being Passionately Curious

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” – Albert Einstein

I have wondered my whole life, what my talent, what my interest, what my passion is. And I am still not clear about that. But what I am clear about is, that I am curious about everything, I like to learn about various unrelated things, and I believe that my mind will connect them when time is right. There are no unrelated things, its just that with our industrialization and classification, we made the points distance themselves. And the biggest inventions are made possible by connecting the points that were distant.

If you are clear about your talents and interests, lucky for you, pursue it and raise the bar. And if you are not clear about your path and choice, don’t worry, because you can more easily look at the big picture and connect the unconnected. Every human being, has his strengths, it is just the perspective which is different.

You know for yourself, what is the best for you, what you really like to do, what you like to learn about. Trust your heart, listen to it, and make this world a more colorful place.

PS. This post is obviously not clearing out the whole picture. If you are not sure about what to do next, how to bring food to the table. Here is the follow-up post where I clarify with more solid advice about your ‘career’ path. How to Earn While Being Passionately Curious

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5 thoughts on “Being Passionately Curious

  1. You are absolutely right. Your mind will one day connect all these things. I have such random skills and knowledge and live in such random places (now Seoul) and these things have come together to allow me to be self employed and successful. Working where I want and when. Meanwhile many people whom I know that specialize in something often struggle when things change. I consider myself a jack of all trades and master of none. Yet I am wise enough to hire people smarter than me specialized to do the things I cannot. But being interested in so many things allows me to keep track of what’s going on and make the adjustments needed to keep my company going well. You will be an excellent businessman. Don’t worry too much about not finding your passion. You are already there. Celebrate your unique point of view. Own it.

    • Oh I am glad everything worked out for you! Some great points you have mentioned about hiring smarter people that specialized. That way we can overcome our weaknesses. And yeah, that idea didn’t come to me, that it allows us to keep track of the bigger picture. Thank you for the kind words, much appreciated.

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