Inspiring the Life Within You

Have you every wondered, what happens to all the pieces of moments that pass by? Will they land safely, will they safely travel to the world of the past? Or will they just disperse into the black hole of the self-existence? Do we have to hold and cherish them to keep them alive?

But by doing that, will we be able to enjoy and live in the moment? The moment which will turn into the autumn piece of past the second we forget about it. What keeps this moment in an ocean shell? What uplifts it to the staircase of the future?

Is future really the present? Are you appreciating your one life that you have? One life in contrast to the eternity? Did you smile today when you woke up? Are you walking on the map of your dream? Are you feeling fulfilled with each breath you take? Are you painting this world with your colors? Will you be happy with the painting you created when it is time to look back, and rest in the eternity?

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3 thoughts on “Inspiring the Life Within You

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