Are you Living or Preparing to Live?

are you living or preparing to live?

If you are thinking about productivity, work and time efficiency too much, then you will know what I am talking about. Sometimes people get succumbed into their improved world in the mind, and we blind ourselves in the real world. We wake up, to achieve that improved world, and we sleep to gain energy for another day of work. Time is too precious, every minute must be spent with a purpose, be it reading a page from a book, or taking a short nap. We organize and plan our day and it is safer for people not to disturb our routine. The present time is not important, but the future, where hopefully we will be closer to our improved world.

But you still feel something is wrong. Even if you are super productive and efficient, something is lacking. Something is passing by. We used our time efficiently, but we had a price to pay. Our time passed lifelessly. We forgot to look around. To stop and to breathe. And by breathe I mean a deep and conscious breath. Even when we are working out. It is only for the purpose of that improved world. Everything is numbers and improvements. We don’t love our body as a friend, but as a tool. The same is with our brains.

Can we be content with the improved world when and if it comes? Will we regret the life that we sacrificed? All the love that we couldn’t share because we didn’t have time for that emotional excess. All the people we hurt because they were of no use for our progress. All the friends we rejected because they were wasting our time? The time which was given to us, to live our life, to cherish our moments, to wander in the dreams, to be astonished with the beauty of life and the universe, to enjoy life with the people whom we love, and also more importantly who love us, and to whom we are most thankful. Tell me, are you living, or preparing to live?

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11 thoughts on “Are you Living or Preparing to Live?

  1. Preparing to live.

    Mostly because of my past, and so many life lessons I was not able to learn. I can’t complain though, this way I will always be able to remember what it was like to get started, to live.


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