Internal Language

do you speak human?

Do you occasionally find it difficult to understand people or for them to understand you? Do you have to manage countless blunders at home and out because of little misunderstandings? Are your intentions pure but the people around you constantly scold you?

We all speak at least one language proficiently, but why is it that we still get misunderstandings? Why is it that two people speaking the same language get to arguments? Even though they love each other?

We are human beings, and talking with humans is totally different than talking with robots. The external tools such as different languages were created to convey our internal meanings and feelings. But throughout the development of time, we have gotten colder and started to ignore other’s internal composition. We talk with pure reason and logic. Scratching the surface. We have forgot how to use our internal language.

The internal language is incorporated, its synchronized with who we are and it is more important than we think. It is the sum of ones will, emotion, dreams, intentions, meanings and other abstract elements. Once we start realizing the presence of this internal language between our relationships, we will be able to dodge the misunderstandings, blunders and fights.

Realize that every human being has a different internal language. Realize that our external language is only used to touch and communicate with the internal language. Remember that we are human beings that have feelings, needs and different wants. Keep the people whom you love and who love you by being conscious of their internal languages. Don’t break them with the sharp words. Because, that was not what you intended, right?

This post was created with the help of my father who gave me the idea of the internal language.

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8 thoughts on “Internal Language

  1. finally! I waited till now to comment this :D read it durin my break today kk (concerns me personally..don´t mind me -.-….)
    I think it´s the communication between 2 individuals that influences the result of it. The transmitter and recipient. From the moment of the transmission of the sound/geste from A to the record of it to B. If the transmitter doesn´t transmit it correctly,the perceiver can not receive it correctly, which causes misunderstandings between each I personally think we need to communicate more with each others, which again nowadays like you said changed from the past.
    During my 2 decades and a few years of life i lived until now, I realized something: People who don´t speak the same language understand each other better than people who speak the same language!

      • No I think it´s the “If I have a problem I let a stupid person handle it, cause he´ll find the easiest way out” method. People who don´t speak the same language speak with their body and mind. They don´t search for the difficult way but the easiest. I experienced it and I can tell you I understood them better with gestures than words! haha

  2. When speaking, an assumption is made that words you share will be interpreted as you intend them to be; but the level of understanding/comprehension, even the perception of possible definitions of individual words in language vary, as do differing levels of self confidence and a myriad of belief systems. The less we communicate with each other, the deeper the chasms between us grow. So often emotions come between us, splitting logic and compassion from our dialogue, further separating us. Great post!

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