4 Points in Strengthening Self Belief

a belief can’t exist on something which isn’t.

Having a strong sense of belief in yourself comes best by creating and being the self you want to believe in. Even just starting to be that what you wish to be, can be a great contributor to a greater self-belief and confidence. Don’t be tricked, it is a no easy journey, but a journey which every happy and successful person travels. If the journey feels difficult to take, broaden your purpose about it. It is not just about a strong sense of self-belief, it is  about fulfilling your dreams, living the life, and meeting the best you that you can possibly be.

A confidence in yourself must come with a reason and a proof. You must really have something to believe in. And the best part is, you can create it. You can create the yourself that you wish to believe in.

Here are some general points on being a better self.

1. Love. Love yourself. You exist, you breathe, you perceive, you think, you feel and you love. You don’t need any more reasons. Love others. Love them because they exist, love them because they are different, love them because they create, love them because they love you.

2. Strive. Strive for your dreams, it will help you color the world around you. Strive to better your talents, it will develop the unique you. Strive to achieve your goals, it will make you feel competent. Strive for curiosity, you will love everything around you. Strive for knowledge, general and specific, it will broaden your conscience and the world around you. Strive for a better world, it will broaden your purpose and bring you humbleness.

3. Cherish. Cherish your mind and fill it with love, optimism and knowledge. Cherish your body, it is the one that makes everything possible, work out and eat healthy. Cherish your friends, they are a big help even if we don’t know it. Cherish your family, because they cherish you.

4. Enjoy. Enjoy the beauty of creation, you and everything around you. Enjoy today that holds unlimited possibilities. Enjoy the tomorrow that is waiting for you. Enjoy the fact that you are striving for your dreams. And most importantly, enjoy the journey of life.

Photo by: halilgokdal

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10 thoughts on “4 Points in Strengthening Self Belief

    • Thank you. That’s a nice way to summarize :). I had a hard time looking for the appropriate photo, first I was looking for a lion looking at himself in the mirror (you know the similar photo where the cat looks at the mirror and sees the lion), and then lion with kids, but then I just put this one.

    • Hihihi. Thank you <3. I don't know, I guess it comes by associating and combining random concepts into metaphors, always being curious and learning stuff (and new words when we come to them), and most importantly with years of practice. It would be really funny if I could show you my articles from three years ago lol, but can't find them, because I already either deleted or revamped them. I am glad I could motivate you! :) Let's work hard together!

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