3 Things in Our Life We Can Enjoy Right Now

dandelion - 3 things in our life we can enjoy right now

Life passes by pretty fast, right? Especially when we close our eyes to our surroundings and don’t enjoy the journey. If you believe that we live only once, than our one life contrasted to the eternity is a pretty tiny thing. We use our day to be able to enjoy the tomorrow. But we usually get stuck in that cycle, the tomorrow comes, with a yet another tomorrow to work for. With this in mind, we can ask ourselves, if it will be already too late to live and enjoy when we get to the destination.

Here are three things in our life that we can enjoy right now.

1. Food. With the sun of capitalism up, we have turned into beings that strive for productivity and efficiency. And the time eating is often used by multitasking with either lurking on the web, reading news or even doing our work. We forgot the taste of food, and think of only how to gain energy and diminish hunger so that we can go back to being productive again. Today, try eating food, and eating food only, you will be surprised how better it tastes when we think of what is in front of us only. You can also enjoy it with your family.

2. Walk. In nature, in parks, or even in the streets. Take off your earplugs, and the phone on your hands, and just enjoy the surrounding. Look up at the sky and feel the pleasant blue color. Try to recognize the shapes of the clouds. Sit on a bench you have always just passed by. Think of all the good things happening in your life. Recognize how all the problems in your head are nothing serious. Be thankful for everything you have. Smile.

3. Fun. Go out with your friends and enjoy the time without thinking about work. Be curious about things happening in their lives. Eat food and walk with them. Watch something interesting at home with your family. A funny movie, a funny show. It will take the stress you gained through work off your back. Laugh and enjoy.

Photo by: shandilee

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