Are You Living Your Dreams?


if you have no choice but to accept that this world is real, would you be able do anything to fill it with the colors of your dreams?

Did you start walking on the route of your dreams? Are you still living without your wings spread? All the rules, obligations and conventions, are halting our ability to be free. What have you done recently that is fulfilling your heart? Are you still chained with all the expectations of others? Do you think your interests don’t match the big puzzle of the world? Do you think that you don’t have time for your unproductive heart’s wants? Are you afraid that you won’t be able to sustain yourself?

Everyone can live and work for sustenance, but not everyone lives to fulfill oneself. To really touch one’s potentials, to sharpen one’s talents and to be content with the picture one has painted. Growing up doesn’t mean that one has to discard the dreams, but rather that we have greater ability to turn them into reality. Cherish your dreams and you will cherish yourself.

Will you be happy later with all the material benefits, while your heart still clings for what you really wanted to do. Will you be able to reason yourself to gag that regret? Won’t that mean you are eventually the one who is chaining the dreams inside you? No one can live the dreams for you, but you. And you have only one chance, one life.

What good is there even if we gain everything, if we haven’t lived for ourselves? What good is there to live in falseness because of our fears, while we could have blossomed to a much more beautiful flower by living by our true selves.

Do you have a wish? A dream? Do you feel that you have your own puzzle piece? If you don’t know what it is. Look for it in yourself. You might have hid it because of all the external fears. It is still alive in that box. Open it and let it grow with you. Let it paint the world together with you.

Illustration by: rukayex

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