Are You Trying or Doing?

chain - i will try

We may think that words said loudly or even just in our minds, don’t affect our next move much. But in fact, they may be one of the most important factors in our decisions in daily lives. Just like how habits are created with the first few tries. An “I will try” or “I will do” may start the chain of success or failure.

Here is why.

I will try. You are immediately giving yourself and excuse if you fail. Someone asks you for a help, and you tell them that you will try. What do you do? You just try, and if it fails, you have kept your word. You have tried. You didn’t tell them that you will succeed or fail. By using the word trying, we instantly open a way to failure. We let failure become one of the possible outcomes. We don’t keep going until we succeed. Or until there is really no way for it to be done, in our circumstances.

Use “I will do” instead. You promised them (or yourself) to do it. And you better do it, if you want to keep your word. By using the word do, instead of try, we let our mind know that we are planning on “doing” it, rather than satisfying ourselves by just “trying”. Next time you need to finish something, don’t try, just do.

Photo by: scelera

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