The Purpose of Life

cherry tree - purpose of life

I sat down yesterday to study for my exam in front of the open window. It was a beautiful spring day. The cherry tree in the garden was basking in the shiny sun and the winds were playing in the vast playground. I opened my literature book and thought about the quarrel with my mother before that. Just as every quarrel, it was really unnecessary. I let my selfish feelings win over me, because I was too weak to put a smile on my face.

I figured out the purpose of our lives. It was really simple. I just had to feel the truth in my heart and let it reason for me. The purpose of our life is to live our dreams, and to give-and-receive love and happiness. It is as simple as that. We just have to live nurturing our dreams, talents and wishes, and cherish the people around, who love us and whom we love as well.

Until now, I thought I can give and receive happiness once I achieve something. I thought that I could help people in greater extents once I reached some higher point. But little did I realize that I was hurting people on the road. I was just preparing to live. I was stuck in the future-me, the improved-me, the successful-me. I was too selfish. My success was the most important thing, and I hurt people on the way there. I didn’t stop on the red lights, and I hurt people instead of letting them drive with me.

Now I know. That I can go for my dreams, and share love in the same time. Now I know. That I can love people and let them love me, every single moment.

Photo by: Benson Kua

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2 thoughts on “The Purpose of Life

  1. Your interpretation of the meaning of life is wonderful and true. But you are too quick to judge yourself. Wanting to achieve success in your work to help others, to relieve their burdens, takes much hard work and intense focus. It serves no good purpose to judge oneself with words like ‘selfish’. The self is, it exists; it pushes forward through the difficult times. Find a positive way to release your tension before automatically fighting with your mother, like looking out of the window and admiring natures beauty. Once the frustration is gone, return and talk, not fight, with your parent. Resond, do not react. Very good post! Please read my latest one.

    • Yeah, I am keeping the representation of my dream still open :). I agree, every time I keep the anger to myself without reacting; I am always glad that I did that. Otherwise if I had reacted, i would unnecessarily hurt the other person. Thank you :)

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