9 Realizations that Helped Me Wake up Early

cat morning - how to wake up

Remember when you decided to wake up earlier? It would mean longer days and a longer life. We would be more productive; we would feel better. We could do stuff in the calm morning. Without a vigorous determination, it is not an easy task to wake up early; especially when waking up early is not an obligation.

Here are some realizations that helped me wake up early.

1. Wake up early. Yep. It is pretty hard to wake up early, if we haven’t woken up early in the first place. By waking up early we open up more time throughout the day which we can use to exhaust ourselves (hopefully productively).

2. Use the day. Both in body and mind. You have to use up most of your energy; sleep will come because you need it. You will feel better, realizing that the day was spent lively.

3. Work out. By working out, we keep our energy and health in check. As it was in the previous point, we have to use up our body energy as well. In this technological era, working out is one of the only solutions to really move our body. (Of course, any activity such as jogging, swimming, sports and so on, are fine.)

4. Eat. Eat well, and balanced. It will give us energy to live the day and keep us healthy. Eating around two hours before sleep is not recommended as we need time to digest our food before a good sleep. Otherwise, it will be harder to sleep, and also sleep won’t be as effective because it is digesting instead of doing its original function.

5. Transition. Prepare for sleep. About an hour before sleep, turn off your music, and any other media. Wash up, prepare your bed; do your night chores.

6. Thoughts. Oftentimes, once we lie down to sleep, we get stuck in our endless cycle of thoughts. They can be productive, such as thinking about a new blog post, or we may just end up thinking about some random unimportant things. But whatever their type may be, they are hurting the possibility of sleep. Get a paper or your mobile, and write down the thoughts; write down the solutions. Give them an order and an end. If you have things to remember, write them down so that you can see them in the morning. Bonus: It is fine to tune into some random ideas and thoughts as long as they don’t require a great focus, and as long as they don’t bother us. Just don’t think about the fact that you aren’t asleep yet, it will make you active again, and you will get needless worry.

7. Cool. You can’t sleep if it’s too hot. You may open the door a bit, or the window. Let some air through the blanket. Keep the temperature cool.

8. No lights. Close the curtains. Turn off unnecessary light in the room. Of course, you can keep them if you are fine with the lights; it is just that I am too sensitive to even minor distractions.

9. Mindset. Stay positive. Stay disciplined. Stay determined for the tomorrow. You deserved the sleep. And be grateful for the roof above your head. Be happy.

Photo by: Froskeland

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7 thoughts on “9 Realizations that Helped Me Wake up Early

  1. “it is not an easy task to wake up early; especially when waking up early is not an obligation.”
    This is so true!!
    I love to stay up till late but I have to wake up early.

    About food I try to eat at least 3 hours before sleep(even there are exceptions:D).

    ” About an hour before sleep, turn off your music, and any other media.”
    This is IMPOSSIBLE!!! Ha, ha.


    Have a nice Sunday!

    • Haha yes. And it is so strange, how in vacations we actually can get up much more easier because we have no obligations like school… And on the other hand, even though we have no obligations on Saturdays, its different from vacation because we are in the middle of the school. I hate it when a song gets stuck in my head and I can’t sleep :D.

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