4 Tips for Better Grades

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I have been a terrible student. I hated studying. The only thing present in my mind was playing games; and I was pretty good at them. In elementary and high school, I was thinking about getting just the passing grade so that I can play games in peace. I though that I was bad at studying, and I thought that I couldn’t get good grades even if I wanted. My potentials were same as my thoughts.

Well, to be honest, I hate studying even today. I hate studying for school. But I love studying what I pick by my own hands (which is everything else besides what I study at school, from sciences to humanities). I am majoring in English Language and Literature; and even though I like languages, it really pains me to study just for the sake of a diploma.

Which concludes to our first point on how have better grades.

1. Reason. Reason yourself. Create a reason and purpose of your studies. Most of the students who don’t study say that the material is not helpful and worthless for the future. Every piece of knowledge is valuable. You will never know when you will need it. And even when you need it, it will help you, without you realizing it. We make decisions in an instant, but little do we know that our brains already analyzed most of the knowledge before the decision. If you don’t like studying history, reason yourself. It is not just history; but you study everything from sociology, economy, anthropology, psychology etc. It is more beneficial than we realize. Think of every piece of knowledge you get as important; because the more knowledge you have, the more connections you can make in your mind. A genius, connects the unconnected.

2. Just do it. If you already enrolled, just do what you have to do. Finish it successfully. Use the present as much as possible. We go to school once in our life, so do your best.

3. 3-Steps. This is the study plan I follow for my history class which is too broad; it would be too hard to study it a week before the exam. First. Study before. Read up the chapter before the lectures. By having information already in your head, the lecture will be more effective. It will sort out the information you didn’t understand well, and strengthen the knowledge you held already. Second. Follow the lecture. Don’t play around because others are. Don’t worry about the others. You came to study, not to play around right? You can play around after the classes. Write notes, preferably write your own notes instead of rewriting the ones from the presentation. Lastly. The last step is to check the notes. Read your notes when you get back. And if you have practice classes later, than read up the chapter again and highlight the important parts. You can also write new notes while highlighting; it will also help you to study before the exams.

4. Before exams. You need a plan. And you need to follow through it. If you are one of the students, who just study and never really feel that it is enough; you definitely need a plan. Take a paper, and write-up all the subjects. Next, see how many days (minimum) you need for each subject, sort them out; and make a study plan for each subject. If you did everything well until now, you just have to follow through your plan and profit.

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7 thoughts on “4 Tips for Better Grades

  1. nice post…but 3 years too late OTZ…i have the luck to memorize a lot just by reading it a few times..since i was too lazy to read every day a bit like u said, which is actually the appropriate way to do. gosh i was such a procrastinator lol. but the hard times r finally over :) the real life can begin!woot!woot!

    • lol srsly? thanks :D I thought this one sucked. Just as all those from these last days. Posting every day is hell. I will have to either reduce the days, or get some creativity cheats. Good for you, I have to endure one more year. :(

      • haha yeah i c u post every day quite! i dont get how u get the ideas so quick. and dont say they suck! dude u get like 20 likes for every post! so be quite! :) u posts r all good! if not the people wouldnt follow u and read ur posts or like or comment ^^ i thk reduce the days is also ok :) u wont lose followers if u dont post for a week ;)

  2. I actually took a very different path towards studying.

    Now I’ve been out of undergraduate studies for almost a decade, but upon reflection, a lot of my successes in the classroom actually were related to my ability to be physically active. In other words, I’m more of the sportsmen type.

    Like you I was never the “studying” type; if I was successful in getting myself down and studying, it was only temporary. What I have only recently discovered was for me, often a 30 minute exercise before a studying session does wonders in releasing a lot of energy. I now wish I had the knowledge that I have now 10 years ago. There are other key points, I can elaborate if you’d like.

    • Oh, I can totally understand your point! Exercise really wakes our body and plus we feel better and the point that you said with energy. Thanks for sharing. If you can, I will be glad to hear the other key points :)

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