Humanity in Conflict with Itself

Enemy Vs. The Inner Me

The subconscious is an abyss inside our minds, the invisible hand that can control our actions, that can draw the footsteps for us to follow. We are afraid, because we embrace the weaker connotation of being a human. As the subconscious is dark, we imagine it being infinite, a black hole, in front of which we seem powerless. Humans are simultaneously sick of conflict and in a constant search for it. We fight conflict with conflict. Everyone is blind inside a maze looking for his own way out, pushing anyone blocking the way.

In the same way, we hold the conscious in our hands and try to conquer the unconscious. We do everything we consciously can to conquer ourselves and the unlit. But, is the darkness of the subconscious a nightmare or is it just our dark imagination enchanted by ignorance? Is there really something dark in our minds and our hearts? And if there is, why do we fight it? Did anything finish peacefully with conflict?

If something is conquered with strength, it is natural that it will weaken. It is natural that it might later bring revenge with greater strength. Humanity itself is the epitome of the Orwell’s problem. Why do we know so little, given so much evidence around us? Why are we following the footsteps that lead to a cliff even though we are aware of it?

Definitions are equal to limitations. We define everything around us, we separate it, and we limit its possibilities for growth. The separation of our surroundings resulted into the separation and isolation between human beings. We long for connection, but constantly build barriers around us. We define a bird and limit it into a cage, the time flies, but the bird forgets. We build our own walls and force ourselves to climb over it.

Just as we try to conquer the subconscious with our conscious. The humanity tries to conquer humanity itself. We are one, but in our minds we are divided. The subconscious is a part of us, but we declared it our enemy. We are afraid because our eyes are covered. Humanity declared itself an enemy, blinded by unnecessary greed and artificial need.

Then we realize that there is no point in fighting with ourselves. There can be no winner when both have to be the winner for the war to end. We can reconcile with the subconscious by embracing it. We are fighting pointlessly. There is no reason to fight, because there is no enemy, except the one we imagine in our minds.

Photo by: Duy Huynh

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8 thoughts on “Humanity in Conflict with Itself

  1. Powerful observations – I doubt most people will understand the implications of what you’ve written. Indeed there seems to be a duality – one side good, desperate to achieve a victory over the dark – and the bad side, that which chooses immediate gratification. One longs to be ‘more’, the other defends against being ‘less’. Depending on a given situation, it can very difficult at first to determine which action is being taken ‘first’. But the main theme must not be over looked: the idea of becoming ‘more’ or becoming ‘less’.
    You pointedly mention several times the ludicrous notion of going to war to win peace. And this is most apparent in our own thoughts. Today I succeeded, yesterday I failed, and tomorrow I have hopes – and these thoughts dominate virtually each waking moment. Leaving us without any room to discover anything else. Because we are under the false impression that what we think is who we are. And so we hope to find a solution to our mental challenge using the same tool (thought) by which the problem was created – and continues to be exacerbated by! I am always moved by Einstein’s quote “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”. Humans are addicted to thought – and there are thousands of years of humanity which bear this out. Not a single culture, geographical region or religious practice has ever elevated human consciousness beyond the foolishness that exists to this day.
    Does a solution to exist? Yes, but it’s quite literally not what you think. And it’s not special, does not grant wishes or by any means make the individual who comes to quiet (from thought) some kind of super human. In fact, I’ve come to believe this actually is the natural state of a human – one who is present, and not obsessed with thoughts which creates a non- present human. If the conflict of the mind is dropped, the projection of conflict on the world around us is also dropped.
    I would like to thank you deeply for sharing such depth with your observations. While we may not see things from the same perspective, we share the same ultimate goal. To end the foolishness in our own lives (by understanding who and what we are) so that we may demonstrate it is possible to coexist in peace without the need to resort to war to fulfill our needs and to abandon self image ‘improving’ wants…

    • Ok, first of all thank you for reading and taking your time to comment. Secondly, I am giving you the badge of the longest-comment-ever lol. It is always interesting to see how the reader understood the writing.

      I really like your idea of humanity being immersed in thought and indirectly forsaking life. And more than just mere thoughts clouding our lives, it is the unnecessary thoughts that are inflicting most damage. That’s an interesting quote you shared. I think I feel your idea, and yes, I also believe that people are addicted to thought, and the more people think, the less they do and live.

      Yep, you explained it! The solution is rather simple, it is just that people are too clouded in thought that we can’t seem to see it. I love your notion of the neutral state of a human. I have recently wrote a note saying “Light is the absence of dark”. I think the two ideas complement each other. The neutral state is light, but it is just that the world is filled with darkness.

      Yes, that is actually the main idea of the article, to stop conflict with peace, harmony and love, not to stop conflict foolishly with additional conflict. Thanks again for your rich comment, and I wish you also a happy new year!

      • Thank you for the badge!! It’s what makes me terrible on twitter.
        Where is the note “light is the absence of dark’ located? I’d be interested in reading it. It is a very powerful statement – for light indeed shines away darkness – regardless of it’s intensity. Just a small amount can lead to more…
        I look forward to reading your blog – I enjoy the honesty of your search. It’s also important to me because it compliments my search – your experience and it’s stories are different from mine, and they allow a fuller picture to be seen. It’s not a question of who’s right or wrong, but rather the air of honesty (being vulnerable) in addressing the nature of our internal conflict. Being able to express how we feel, and to be met with objectivity and not scorn is a huge boon to internal growth and understanding. Each of us must stand on our own, but we can support each other knowing we wish for the same outcome. Many roads (and paths) lead to a singular solution!!

        • Oh yes, I totally understand! But I think it is a good exercise to compress the ideas and emotions into a shorter piece. And the beauty of it comes when the ideas and emotions start breaking out of the little piece.

          Oh that was just a note or tweet in my twitter ^^. I may broaden the tweet into a longer piece later on. What is your username on twitter? Let me connect with you there as well :)

          I fully agree with your words. Honesty is really one of the most important elements in the search for the truth. Yes, I believe that is why we all exist together, to support and love each other :)

          I am sorry for the late reply, I am kind of busy right now with my exams ^^

          • Sorry that I’m so late..missed your reply – I hope the exams went well! We already follow each other on Twitter (2weelz), and I look forward to reading the expanded piece from twitter when the time and inspiration allow. It is indeed nice to have great company on the ‘journey without distance’….

  2. The quality of your writing has evolved. You speak confidently with a strong, clear voice. I respect your points of view and greatly enjoy your work. Itty

    • Thank you, I am very glad that you like this writing style, because it is actually the writing style I enjoy and which is genuinely a part of me :). Even though the older articles with simpler language can be more easily understood, I think that this language is more effective in provoking emotions in the reader.

      I wish you a happy new year!

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