Victims of Our Own Ideals

Tito Salomoni - The Maze of Life

From our early years, we are set on reaching the standards of the past and the ideals of the future. Life passes by and we rarely even hold its hand. There are rare times when our consciousness distances from our bodies and we realize, that all the worries are so trivial in comparison with just being alive. In comparison with being able to feel the presence of our own existence, and connecting with others. That bubble lasts one single moment, but is enough for us to realize the vanity of our self-designed quest. Yet, soon enough, we are back to our robotic selves, trying to eat the carrot we put in front of us. Like the paradox of Achilles and the tortoise, reaching the goal seems impossible because it keeps on evolving. The road to perfection seems infinite.

We indirectly become the victims of our own ideals. We might not realize it by ourselves, because we are busy finishing endless tasks to reach the end that does not exist. But it silently sucks the life out of us. Perfection is not definite, and is also not objective. But we think of it that way. We try to reach perfection, but we do not realize that we are already perfect. We think of it as a destination, but it is the journey. Life is perfect by itself. And living it, is perfection. It is the progress of life we have to enjoy. But we focus on the end life. Everyday, we are frustrated by trivial events that hinder our delusional possibility for perfection. We construct unnecessary and invisible walls, and try to climb over them. The humanity constructs the walls and as a result, we all get lost in the maze. We try to find the end of the maze, but fail to realize that there is no end. We try to solve a puzzle that has no answer. The humanity fights over the puzzle pieces, but it is all pointless. Humanity is thus in conflict with itself. But there is no reason for conflict, because there is no enemy. Except the one we created in our minds.

Wiping out the illusion of our enemies means to reconcile and realize that we are all stuck in this maze together. Destroying the constructed walls means to offer the perfect life to everyone who lacks it, the basic necessities of life. It means to hear the cries in the world, to care, and to transform their tears of sadness to tears of happiness. No one can truly progress, if not everyone is able to stand up and walk. It means to feel the suffering in the world and construct foundations upon which they can also recreate the magical world from their dreams. Then, perhaps, the humanity might create a heaven, instead of this maze of hell.

Image by: Tito Salomoni

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4 thoughts on “Victims of Our Own Ideals

  1. Oh yes, the strange roads and paths life takes us on can be exhausting…it seems we tend to complicate things when life, at its core, is a pretty simple thing. Great post.

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