Hello dear reader,

This is an interdisciplinary blog where I share my ideas about various subjects ranging from humanities to sciences, but mainly on personal development. Throughout my life, I have had an interest in psychology and personal development, and so I have been writing on that topic for many years on various websites. This blog was originally created for sharing stories from my life as a foreigner, hence the domain name of the blog. Now my main goal will be sharing ideas worth sharing, and through that, I hope that I can inspire and uplift you and myself which will eventually make our world a happier place.

Thank you,
Kim Kwan Ho


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  1. ^^^ accidental post >__< what I was trying to say is I am enjoying reading your blog. So far it's reading very earnestly and in today's world I can say that's something you do not find often! Everyone is out there trying to self promote or cross promote but your writings seem very honest.

    • Hey! I am really glad that you enjoy it, and thank you for reading it! I will keep that point in mind and continue like that :). I have been wondering about my life and my future, and really couldn’t find anything specific that I am good at. But I have been reading about people and improvement a lot, and I wrote about it for around three or four years already. I really don’t want to work in some offices or for someone in general, and I already forgot why I started this blog lol. I guess I wanted to have a place on my own where I can share these ideas and help people. It has been pretty hard for these 10 days posting every day and tweaking the blog, because I am in the middle of the exam week, but reading these comments give me strength to continue :) Hopefully, I will be able to create better pieces when I finish the exams ^^

  2. Hello. You know I’ve been a fan, and I would like you to have more followers. I nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogger Award today. Congratulations. I also posted a short review and recommendation for your blog. Check it out at http://ittymac.wordpress.com/ Congratulations, Kim

  3. Hi Kim, nice to meet you and explore your blog. I too have been interested in personal growth and development from an early age, and agree the cage is of our own making. Each of us is responsible for our own freedom.
    Thank you for following our blog. I hope you enjoy the stories of our journey, both inner and outer. Cheers, Alison

    • Hello, nice to meet you too! I am honored to get a visit from you. I love your blog, it is much similar to mine in simplicity, and your font is very beautiful! Is it Verdana perhaps? Looks very neat and efficient :). I am glad you share the same idea. See you in wonderland!

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