i bought a new toothbrush and its awesome (a kinda misleading title)

OK you didn’t expect me to write another post so fast RIGHT! And I like to fulfill your un-expectations! And I don’t know if that word exists and I don’t want to google it right now, because I am washing my teeth and want to finish this post before I finish. So, why did I start writing this post. Yeah, I figured you figured, I don’t have much concrete information about this country, and it wouldn’t hurt for you to know about it right? And no, I am not going to write about the history of Bosnia & Herzegovina, nor am I going to take photos of its fancy buildings and additionally write a caption so that you don’t have to think about what the hell it is supposed to be. Yes, I am cruel, and life is cruel also, BUT. Did I just end the sentence with a but? Is that legit? Nevermind. BUT, I am going to share you a blog of my friend who is Bosnian, but she is not living here, although she visits here sometimes, and shares her stories about this place, more objectively than me. So her blog is like sharing stories about her home-country from a foreign perspective as well as local perspective? To put it in a different light, she her blog will share her views on her home-country in a local perspective as well as from a foreign perspective? I just wasted some seconds of your life with the last sentence. But seriously, let’s get serious. So her blog will share her local views from a foreigner’s perspective? Does that sound ok? Or, her blog is about her as a local who turned into a foreigner sharing about her foreign life as well as the local life. Anyways, you know what I don’t mean. So, go check out her blog http://kathermackey326.wordpress.com/


a random title from the random titles box

I missed you too. And this blog is not dead yet, I perceive.

As you saw, this blog is pretty spontaneous. Just like my feelings towards (‘towards’ is the British form of ‘toward’ from the American form of the British form ‘towards’) it. I just drop by to write when I randomly feel like it. But I can’t say that I don’t love it. And you know why? Because. Of this. I can do whatever I want, and write however I want. Though, I still have to stick to the main purpose of this blog, as its name says, OR DO I? Anyways, its true that I haven’t written anything for weeks, or months? Why? Because. I did it again, and I love it, and I know that you don’t love it. And this song that is now playing, so dull. Bad for my writing. No, I won’t tell you what the name is. Ok, where was I. Yep, this post won’t have anything about my life as a foreigner (or will it?), but that I was consumed in my nerd mode for a time. To be more detailed, university nerd mode for the evil exams, why did I signify what type of nerd mode it was? Because I am still in the nerd mode, even though it is vacation. My hard earned vacation. I hate school (as in generalization of public education). Before, the reason for it was that we had to study and ‘things like that’. But now, it is because I like to study. But not what my school says I should study, but what I want to. That is also one of the reasons I studied hard to finish my exams in time, so that I can read what I want for a month that I have for this winter vacation. So here you go, I publicly confessed what a nerd I am. Whatever definition of nerdness you wish to reflect. I just wrote about an aspect in the foreignness here. If you study hard, you are perceived as a weirdo. It has been like this since the elementary school. And it still is. Though I was such a bad student when I was younger, pretty pretty bad. I just played games, because, I WAS SO GOOD IN IT, and some other reasons, hmm maybe racism can also be listed in it, figure why. Though it has changed a bit that we are in the university, but still, majority of students are really not so serious about their studies, and the students who study hard, are being mocked upon as being no-lifers. And what is ‘life’ in the no-lifer anyway. It hurts my mind to think that some younger people can perceive life, as getting drunk every other day, sitting sipping coffee for hours or watching pointless TV programs (if ‘life’ is the equivalent of ‘not studying’). Anyways, I am pretty hungry now, so I shall go eat.

a foreigner and the public transport

A foreigner and the public transport, lol. That’s just a ridiculous title right? A foreigner and the public transport, lol. But its better than nothing, something good is better than nothing, which implies that this will be good. I don’t totally agree with the better something, than nothing, but it has its own situational philosophy in it, which is not the point of this blog. Did I just say point? Does philosophy have a point? Or is it just a bunch of clouds dotting additional points. Anyways, my point is, let’s stick to the philosophy, of the blog, which is my ridiculous life as a foreigner, lol. As a sidenote which is not really on the side, if you want philosophy, I will give you a s***load of philosophy, by that I don’t mean the science of philosophy, but just my random thoughts trying to figure themselves around a topic or, something, go figure. Where was I, yeah right, a public transport, which is solidly used in Bosnia, wait, it is solidly used in other facets of the earth, but anyways, I am writing for Bosnia, because, I am the one who is tapping these keys, and not someone else who doesn’t want to write about Bosnia, pretty logical right. Ok, anyways if I want to tell you the story about my story in a public transport (and yes, I purposely used the same word two times, just because I can’t figure out a new word, and I don’t want to google at the moment, because my green apple on the table is half eaten, or I am just simply lazy to hover my hand to the mouse and open a new tab, write on the address bar “story synonyms” and open the first link and read the stuff for some seconds and COME BACK AND HOVER MY HAND ONCE AGAIN TO THE KEYBOARD AND ACTUALLY USE THE NEW WORD, AND IT WOULD BE ACTUALLY GUD BECAUSE I WOULD LEARN A NEW WORD AND IF YOU ASK ME WHY I CHANGED TO UPPERCASE LETTERS ITS BECAUSE OF POTATO AND GO FIGURE) then, we have to (and you have to go back and read where I actually opened this mindless babble of why I used the same word twice and figure where I stopped) choose what public transport it will be. And if you wonder why I said WE, even though YOU will take no part in this epic choice of two public transports, is just because I am kind enough to let you believe that you are actually taking part in this choice of the two public transports, which are a TROLLY BUS, ok it’s not trolly bus, its TROLLEY BUS (thanks google), and a TRAM-CAR. Ok, let’s get to the tram-car, I’ll skip the epic babble about why I chose the TRAM-CAR OR TRAMVAJ HOW WE DO IT HERE. Ok here it comes, the epic story about a foreigner in a public transport, more specifically in the TRAMVAJ, perhaps some day I shall unveil the transcendental memoir of me in a TROLLY BUS, but for the present, we shall fancy ourselves about me in a TRAMVAJ. Ok, the story goes like this, usually I don’t ride public transports, but when I do, I buy a ticket. And sometimes when my friends convince me not to buy, the thing gets exciting, and then you have to turn on your acting skills and figure something to escape the evil ticketmen. I prefer walk, because I can, and because it’s just twenty minutes to the center which comes handy as an exercise and also, the other more important reason is, that, I DON’T ACTUALLY HAVE TO USE THE PUBLIC TRANSPORT, WHICH IS FULL OF PEOPLE WHILE THE WINDOWS ARE CLOSED BECAUSE OF OLD PEOPLE, AND THEY DIDN’T CLEAN THEM FROM BEFORE THE WAR, AND ALSO I DON’T HAVE THE MONTHLY OR YEARLY TICKET BECAUSE MY COLLEGE IS JUST 15 MINUTES WALK FROM MY HOUSE OR 5 MINUTES WHEN I AM LATE. And yeah, I mentioned the ticket, it may be different in other countries, but here we got the ticket workers or ticketmen which is like batman but with ticket and a plural for men because they come in numbers; who really fancy foreigners and like to ruin the face of the country while on it. I hate it, and I hate it more because I am using it just for one station, and it is like weird to buy the ticket just for one station even if it’s just one euro. Anyways, I think this article is pretty long, and the less I write now, the more I can write later, which is also pretty logical. And I shall go study, because I just finished my exams and it is too sweet not to study unburdened and beforehand.

long time no see

Yep, feel free to hate me. Didn’t write anything since July, but be lightened, I haven’t wrote anything anywhere. So its not like I abandoned this ship, but I abandoned my writing in other places as well, but its ok, because here I am again. There was no specific thing that made me stop writing, I guess, there are always numerous reasons for an issue. Anyways, I was in Korea, yay. I haven’t been there for like five years, which is pretty long. Visited all my relatives, ate lots of food, gained weight (which is like WHAT, unbelievable, but yeah), visited many places and experienced new things.

The first thing I felt after leaving the Incheon Airport, which is something I didn’t choose to feel, was the IT WAS SO HUMID, LIKE WHAT IS THIS, IS THIS REAL LIFE? I looked for a shade, and it was like WHAT, DOESN’T HELP AT ALL. I bought a cold drink and it was like OH THIS TASTES GOOD, WE DON’T HAVE IT THERE, BUT ITS HUMID NONETHELESS. Then I realized, that nothing helps, unless, you are in a closed place, and with good air conditioning, that’s why the prices of cars are higher in summer, people love them moving with air conditioners.

Was staying at my aunts, she was very busy but nonetheless, made me an awesome dinner, which was samgyeopsal, I was like WOOT THANKS LOL, itadakimas. I came, I saw, I ate. First nights, I couldn’t sleep until 4 a.m. because of the new time zone, but it was fine, because my aunt also can’t sleep fast, and there were we, watching TV while the other people were sleeping, or working, they work like pretty hard.

And yeah, we have a fair number of relatives, and so we were like BUSY, COULDN’T EVEN REST A DAY, but it was OK, because it was like FREE FOOD AND FREE EVERYTHING, we (I went to Korea with my brother) came back with more money than we brought which is not bad at all if you ask me.

Had a great time, and here I am back again, today my university days start again, yeah, nerd mode: on.

hello ^^

It really has been long time, since I posted an article. I am sorry for all those who were expecting anything. Many things passed, one of them being the exams, they were pretty easy tbh. The only thing I had to do was study before the lectures, follow the lectures, and read notes at home after lectures, that’s it, like 80% of everything I had to do for the exams. But the problem is that many students don’t even do this much. I was also in the seaside with my aunts and uncles, oh yes, I didn’t tell you that my aunts and uncles came from Korea to visit us here ^^. It is the first time for them to come, and I hope it won’t be the last time. Also my sister came with her husband. So our house is like so full, but I don’t have to worry much about food with two aunts and my mother. My father even cooks sometime xd. We went to Cavtat for the sea, it is a small inhabitat with a beautiful sea, though it is very salty, but it makes it that easier for swimming and its more healthy. Although if it enters to our inner parts through our noses it is pretty bad, very pretty bad, because plus to that I had pollen allergy. I still have it, though I feel that it’ll pass soon. This shit is real. It has been bugging me for like 3 months, usually it goes for 1 and half, but shit got really serious. Hope it won’t come back next year. That’s it for now folks! Now comes the tagging process ._.

random shitz, lol

lol, so i’ve been busy with my exams, presentation and other misc work. Didn’t post much. I hope i haven’t lost followers, i got so few of them lol. But that’s natural, its a new blog, and there are no pictures, and people love pictures… i should post a picture, yeah that would be a smart idea. Maybe i’ll post a picture of the town i live in, so you get a more correct presentation in your imaginations. Yeah, i’ll do that, there is an awesome place in the middle of the city, a coffee shop there high up in a hotel, awesome view, will do on a pretty sunny day. Its like raining now, through the window, such a depressing and melancholic view. Lol, i see my neighbor, that orthodox one, working, these older people work so much, like wake up at 6 am, and work the whole day, but she cooks so great. She makes awesome sarma, i love her sarma, its like a cooked cabbage covering minced meat and also rice. My mother sometimes makes it, but it is not even close to hers, so yeah, 1:0 for the neighbor.