9 Realizations that Helped Me Wake up Early

cat morning - how to wake up

Remember when you decided to wake up earlier? It would mean longer days and a longer life. We would be more productive; we would feel better. We could do stuff in the calm morning. Without a vigorous determination, it is not an easy task to wake up early; especially when waking up early is not an obligation.

Here are some realizations that helped me wake up early.

1. Wake up early. Yep. It is pretty hard to wake up early, if we haven’t woken up early in the first place. By waking up early we open up more time throughout the day which we can use to exhaust ourselves (hopefully productively).

2. Use the day. Both in body and mind. You have to use up most of your energy; sleep will come because you need it. You will feel better, realizing that the day was spent lively.

3. Work out. By working out, we keep our energy and health in check. As it was in the previous point, we have to use up our body energy as well. In this technological era, working out is one of the only solutions to really move our body. (Of course, any activity such as jogging, swimming, sports and so on, are fine.)

4. Eat. Eat well, and balanced. It will give us energy to live the day and keep us healthy. Eating around two hours before sleep is not recommended as we need time to digest our food before a good sleep. Otherwise, it will be harder to sleep, and also sleep won’t be as effective because it is digesting instead of doing its original function.

5. Transition. Prepare for sleep. About an hour before sleep, turn off your music, and any other media. Wash up, prepare your bed; do your night chores.

6. Thoughts. Oftentimes, once we lie down to sleep, we get stuck in our endless cycle of thoughts. They can be productive, such as thinking about a new blog post, or we may just end up thinking about some random unimportant things. But whatever their type may be, they are hurting the possibility of sleep. Get a paper or your mobile, and write down the thoughts; write down the solutions. Give them an order and an end. If you have things to remember, write them down so that you can see them in the morning. Bonus: It is fine to tune into some random ideas and thoughts as long as they don’t require a great focus, and as long as they don’t bother us. Just don’t think about the fact that you aren’t asleep yet, it will make you active again, and you will get needless worry.

7. Cool. You can’t sleep if it’s too hot. You may open the door a bit, or the window. Let some air through the blanket. Keep the temperature cool.

8. No lights. Close the curtains. Turn off unnecessary light in the room. Of course, you can keep them if you are fine with the lights; it is just that I am too sensitive to even minor distractions.

9. Mindset. Stay positive. Stay disciplined. Stay determined for the tomorrow. You deserved the sleep. And be grateful for the roof above your head. Be happy.

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10 Ways to Cherish our Bodies

superman - how to cherish our bodies

I believe we all know how important it is to see what’s in front of us. The numerous opportunities to be taken, people to be loved, and treasures to be dug. But there is actually something that is way more important than that. What actually makes us possible to enjoy all the features coming with life, is our body.

It makes everything possible. It is what drives us forward, and it is something we should cherish the most. Because without it, we can’t cherish anything in the end.

Our bodies are our best friends and our partners in life. It knows all our secrets, our desires, ambitions and dreams. And it is what will help us reach them.

And what do people do? We don’t see what is actually tangible, but rather look at something abstract, like our desires and urges. Actually we get so blinded with our abstract wishes, goals and destinations, that we totally forsake the one who is actually making it all happen.

Here are some points on how to cherish our bodies.

1. Listen to it. Really. We are lucky that we can feel the same what it feels. But we are dumb if we ignore the warning signs. If you are tired, rest and reflect. If you feel sick, do something about it. Your body is telling you that something is wrong. Your body is telling you that you are doing something wrong. Stop and reflect. Figure what you are doing wrong, and fix it.

2. No drastic changes. Even machines can’t work like that. Don’t incorporate dramatic changes in your lifestyle. If you have slept 10 hours each night, you can’t suddenly change it to 7 hours. Go slow, safe and smooth.

3. Don’t overwork it. You know what happens to your mobile-phone if you use it too long, too much? It gets heated. And you know what happens if it gets heated a lot? It gets broken. Deadlines and work is serious. But it will get more serious when you get sick. So get some rest in-between. Take a walk. Take a nap. Drink a cup of water, or tea. Anything. Just stand up and take your mind off the work or whatever you were doing when you feel you are tired.

4. Eat, a lot. Not in evenings before sleep. Eat, a lot, in the morning and throughout the day. It is what keeps us going. It is what is fueling us. The more you eat, the more energy you have. And the more energy you have, the more productive you can be. Don’t forget to eat fruits. And drink fluid, like water.

5. Exercise. You think you don’t have time? Don’t be silly. Exercise will make us healthier, and stronger, which naturally brings more energy to our daily lives. And you already read what energy means. Yes, more productivity. Twenty minutes is just fine. Morning, or evening, however it suits your day. Five times a week. Any exercise you want. Exercise until you sweat or it won’t count as an exercise. So use your twenty minutes effectively.

6. Take naps. Feel tired? Take a twenty minute nap. It does wonders. It works better if it is integrated into our daily schedule. For example, sleeping at 23:00, to 5:30, and then taking a nap at 13:00. It will replenish the energy for the rest of your day. Taking naps on evenings is risky because it can prove harder to fall asleep. But if you are very tired, a twenty minute nap won’t hurt. Or just drink a cup of tea in the evenings.

7. The obvious ones. Drinking. Smoking. Doing risky sports. Going to smoky environments. I don’t have to explain them, right?

8. Be thankful. That it is keeping you alive. That it is allowing you to live your life how you want. That you can draw, that you can play instruments, that you can write. You can create anything you want. Be thankful. That it lets you receive and share love. That you can get to know new people and hold your family and friends tight, because the body is letting you live. You can share your life with anyone you want.

9. Love it. It is the closest thing you will own. And it is also the best thing you will own. Our bodies and minds are the most complex and perfect creations. They have no limits. You have no limits thanks to it.

10. Realize. The bodies allow us to create and share. However complex or imaginative our worlds in our minds are. We can recreate it through our bodies. Whatever we dream about. We can make it a reality thanks to our bodies. And, whichever change we want to bring to the world. We can make it happen with our bodies. So realize the magical extent of our bodies, cherish it, appreciate it, love it and, use it for a better good.

Illustration by: artofmanliness

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3 Things in Our Life We Can Enjoy Right Now

dandelion - 3 things in our life we can enjoy right now

Life passes by pretty fast, right? Especially when we close our eyes to our surroundings and don’t enjoy the journey. If you believe that we live only once, than our one life contrasted to the eternity is a pretty tiny thing. We use our day to be able to enjoy the tomorrow. But we usually get stuck in that cycle, the tomorrow comes, with a yet another tomorrow to work for. With this in mind, we can ask ourselves, if it will be already too late to live and enjoy when we get to the destination.

Here are three things in our life that we can enjoy right now.

1. Food. With the sun of capitalism up, we have turned into beings that strive for productivity and efficiency. And the time eating is often used by multitasking with either lurking on the web, reading news or even doing our work. We forgot the taste of food, and think of only how to gain energy and diminish hunger so that we can go back to being productive again. Today, try eating food, and eating food only, you will be surprised how better it tastes when we think of what is in front of us only. You can also enjoy it with your family.

2. Walk. In nature, in parks, or even in the streets. Take off your earplugs, and the phone on your hands, and just enjoy the surrounding. Look up at the sky and feel the pleasant blue color. Try to recognize the shapes of the clouds. Sit on a bench you have always just passed by. Think of all the good things happening in your life. Recognize how all the problems in your head are nothing serious. Be thankful for everything you have. Smile.

3. Fun. Go out with your friends and enjoy the time without thinking about work. Be curious about things happening in their lives. Eat food and walk with them. Watch something interesting at home with your family. A funny movie, a funny show. It will take the stress you gained through work off your back. Laugh and enjoy.

Photo by: shandilee

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How to Enjoy the Journey

Oftentimes, living our lives, we stop and ask ourselves, are we really enjoying our lives?

People are blind. We don’t see what is in front of us, but we prospect what may be in front of that hill, and often that view can be misleading. We don’t appreciate our past, our present, but wait for the future, which seems so much more interesting.

There are so many universal words that hold true for themselves, and we think that we are following them, just as we think that we are enjoying the journey.

From the old times, work has been a form to keep our needs met, and with the factor of limitless greed, we have been kept in the miserable circle, blindly running for the carrot in front of our noses.

If we continue like this, will it be late when the destination is met? Will it be late to enjoy? Will it be late to live?

Here are some points on how to enjoy our journey.

Appreciate what you have. Our wants, often blind us of our haves. And more sadly, we tend to appreciate our haves, once we don’t have them anymore. Although then we can’t appreciate them anymore, because they will become hads, not haves. Take pride in what you have, love it, cherish it and use it. They can be in life forms, our family, our friends, and ourselves. And they can also be in the less of life forms, though also lively, everything else that you and your loved ones own.

We can’t turn back time. Time is an adventurer that doesn’t come back. Love every second you live. Don’t let yourself later say, “I wish I had done it otherwise”. Appreciate your present moment. Use it for making your tomorrow brighter. Control yourself. Be thankful for every moment we can live.

Don’t deny yourself. Do what you can’t not do. Take off your mask. It is ok to live sometimes for others, but don’t let it take over your life. If you don’t feel like doing something, don’t. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t work or study. It is different, working hard is a necessary factor for success, and it is not wrong nor evil to succeed, in a good way.

Enjoy and learn from the present scenery. There are no cameras for our life’s journey. So we should try hard to cherish every moment. Enjoy the present position. And learn from it as much as you can.

Love yourself. Without loving ourselves, it is plain hard to do the hard tasks for our improvement. Studying, working (what we don’t enjoy working on), can be difficult if we are doing it for someone else. But in fact, it all incorporates into our selves and shapes us. Don’t think of the dull tasks as dull, but as important components that develops us. The us whom we really love.

We live only once. So make it last. Do something significant. Meet your potentials. Be the best you can be. Don’t let the rules and external noise shape your dreams and aspirations. If you don’t have any dreams, make it a dream to be the best you can be. Be a positive role model for the world and make a positive change.

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