Life is Flowing Away

Day after day after day,
Time feels endless.
Night after night after night,
One everlasting life.

Yet, when I look back,
The past is but a fleeting moment,
A delicate memory.

Memories so fragile,
I can’t hold onto.
Fading away silently,
Silent passage of time.

Spreading my arms,
I fall into a false embrace,
The future is but a fantastic illusion.

A beautiful mirage,
I can’t ever hold onto.
Fading away swiftly,
Swift passage of time.

While I was lost in the past,
While I was longing for the future,
Life was flowing away.

Life is flowing away,
One moment at a time,
One transient life.

Live! – life is flowing away.
Breathe in the source of life,
Spread your wings,
And fly away!


I Lived Just as Any Other (Poem)

I lived just as any other,
And left in lonely solitude.

Wandering the maze of life,
And wishing for a way out–
I went the other way,
When I hit a blind alley.

The end I couldn’t find,
Till the end found me.

I cried, but no one cared–
Because everyone was crying,
Waiting to be heard, without trying to hear–
Living as loners, tied up together.

Our hearts open when we scream,
But close when we need to hear.

Everyone else was blind and busy–
Blinded by the walls of greed and hate,
Busy wishing for the gate of heaven–
But in the end we all find out.

That the maze itself is our heaven,
And the walls humanity’s own creation.

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The Problems of Inequality of our Inner and Outer Selves


Change the leaves and the whole tree will be poisoned. Change the roots and the whole tree will be changed.

We convince ourselves that the mask we wear is for the good of all. We fake it so as not to hurt the other person. We change our habits accordingly. We try. We live every day wearing our masks. We tell others to fly when their wings are still not ready. We tell others to smile when their hearts are still filled with tears. We lie to ourselves to make the other person feel better. We lie to the other person, to make ourselves look better. The more we distanced from the truth, the closer we became with the lie.

We walk on this thin line, where one missed step can inflict serious pain to other people. But little did we know that walking this thin line was inflicting serious pain to ourselves. Hiding behind the masks, poisoned our hearts and souls. The inequality between our inner and outer selves pressured our hearts to constant and silent pain. The longer we wore our masks, the further we distanced from our true selves. Lying to others not only gave us fake existence, but also gave others fake happiness.

But then we realize, that the lies can become truths, if the roots are changed. We realize, that we don’t have to try to change our leaves. We don’t have to burden ourselves walking the thin line. We don’t have to wear the mask. If we change our true selves. All lies can become truths because they don’t come only from our mind, but also from our heart. We don’t have to fake the language of love and happiness, if we become love and happiness. The poison can be cured and the fruit can once more become healthy. The people eating the fruit can receive true happiness, and we can once again become one with ourselves.

Photo from: G-Dragon – Coup D’etat

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The Possible Beauty of the World Outside the Box

barrier - the possible beauty of the world outside the box
Rules keep us from making mistakes, and keep us from being disorderly. But by blocking us from making mistakes, and by blocking us from being disorderly, I fear that they ultimately limit our creative potentials and the possibility of creating masterpieces that would have been created if we weren’t chained by the rules.

It is true that the box was created for our safety, but what if that safety is a guardian that blocks us from flying up reaching for our dreams, reaching for the amazing. It is true that we won’t be hurt this way, but what good is there if we can’t run to the forest of imagination even though we have both feet, what good is there if we have hundred years to breathe, if we can’t live freely for one day.

What if we could ignore the box that is limiting us, what if we could close our eyes and let the real ‘us’ create, the real ‘us’ that isn’t restrained, that isn’t blinded by rules. What if we could shut our ears and listen to our true voice, the voice that so longed to be heard.

I imagine there would be mess, in the world outside the box. But among the mess, among the chaos, there would be masterpieces among the piles of scrunched paper. I imagine there would be treasures beneath the rocks.

Isn’t that one masterpiece, worth it? Isn’t that one treasure worth digging the rocks?

It is true that we can create beautiful things even inside the box, but did you imagine the possible beauty of the world outside the box?

Photo by: Garen

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5 Ways to be Awesome

startroopers - how to be awesome

power pose + cape = awesomeness

It has been two weeks since I started seriously with my blog. And I don’t know what triggered it, but I have been writing a post every morning. I never wrote in the mornings before, and you can guess how it was. Madness. I thought I will go mad, like Sparta. And I am still thinking. Usually I wrote only when I had to let the awesome idea out of my head, or when I was in my creative flow. But making myself write every day, turned a creative and fun process into an obligation. And you know how obligations are? Not fun and not creative.

It has been fun watching the unexpectedly high views thanks to Reddit (15,000 in 2 weeks, thank you zenhabitors). But, to keep this blog running and to keep myself from not going mad, I thought I really needed some changes. Both in the way I blog and the way I think about my blog. This post is a way to open up my blog for awesomeness, and to break away from serious-obligatory tunnel-vision.

How to be awesome.

1. Wear a cape. Blue. Green. Red. Pink. Rainbow. It can have logos, or you can imprint your headshot on it; so that you can have two heads. And you will lack only one more head, to be a Cerberus (given that you are a dog; a scary one rawr). If you like cats more, you can use a rainbow cape and put a grey cat mask; kaboom, you are a nyanmancat. Bonus tip: You can wear wings as well. You will have the awesome ability to transform into a crab when passing through doors.

2. Invent. Something. Anything (preferably, a teleportation device). It can be useful or it can be WTF. The important thing is that you created something new. Even if it really sucks. Anything is fine, as long as you can remember your young days later, and say, that kid was crazy. You know what inventors are? Awesome.

3. Awesomize. Awesomize everything around you. Splash colors, like a mad person. Help someone be awesome. Make them a cape, or a wing if you liked the crab joke. Ok, just make them a cape.

4. Go mad. Not by writing a post every day. Do weird stuff, for which you can be proud of because it was for scientific reasons. You can’t gaze at the sun because the awesomist Newton already did that. But you can gaze at the clouds and follow them till they disperse and see if you will disperse with them. Wait do they?

5. Finish. Everything with awesome.

Photo by: JD Hancock

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The Purpose of Life

cherry tree - purpose of life

I sat down yesterday to study for my exam in front of the open window. It was a beautiful spring day. The cherry tree in the garden was basking in the shiny sun and the winds were playing in the vast playground. I opened my literature book and thought about the quarrel with my mother before that. Just as every quarrel, it was really unnecessary. I let my selfish feelings win over me, because I was too weak to put a smile on my face.

I figured out the purpose of our lives. It was really simple. I just had to feel the truth in my heart and let it reason for me. The purpose of our life is to live our dreams, and to give-and-receive love and happiness. It is as simple as that. We just have to live nurturing our dreams, talents and wishes, and cherish the people around, who love us and whom we love as well.

Until now, I thought I can give and receive happiness once I achieve something. I thought that I could help people in greater extents once I reached some higher point. But little did I realize that I was hurting people on the road. I was just preparing to live. I was stuck in the future-me, the improved-me, the successful-me. I was too selfish. My success was the most important thing, and I hurt people on the way there. I didn’t stop on the red lights, and I hurt people instead of letting them drive with me.

Now I know. That I can go for my dreams, and share love in the same time. Now I know. That I can love people and let them love me, every single moment.

Photo by: Benson Kua

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Are You Living Your Dreams?


if you have no choice but to accept that this world is real, would you be able do anything to fill it with the colors of your dreams?

Did you start walking on the route of your dreams? Are you still living without your wings spread? All the rules, obligations and conventions, are halting our ability to be free. What have you done recently that is fulfilling your heart? Are you still chained with all the expectations of others? Do you think your interests don’t match the big puzzle of the world? Do you think that you don’t have time for your unproductive heart’s wants? Are you afraid that you won’t be able to sustain yourself?

Everyone can live and work for sustenance, but not everyone lives to fulfill oneself. To really touch one’s potentials, to sharpen one’s talents and to be content with the picture one has painted. Growing up doesn’t mean that one has to discard the dreams, but rather that we have greater ability to turn them into reality. Cherish your dreams and you will cherish yourself.

Will you be happy later with all the material benefits, while your heart still clings for what you really wanted to do. Will you be able to reason yourself to gag that regret? Won’t that mean you are eventually the one who is chaining the dreams inside you? No one can live the dreams for you, but you. And you have only one chance, one life.

What good is there even if we gain everything, if we haven’t lived for ourselves? What good is there to live in falseness because of our fears, while we could have blossomed to a much more beautiful flower by living by our true selves.

Do you have a wish? A dream? Do you feel that you have your own puzzle piece? If you don’t know what it is. Look for it in yourself. You might have hid it because of all the external fears. It is still alive in that box. Open it and let it grow with you. Let it paint the world together with you.

Illustration by: rukayex

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