3 Things in Our Life We Can Enjoy Right Now

dandelion - 3 things in our life we can enjoy right now

Life passes by pretty fast, right? Especially when we close our eyes to our surroundings and don’t enjoy the journey. If you believe that we live only once, than our one life contrasted to the eternity is a pretty tiny thing. We use our day to be able to enjoy the tomorrow. But we usually get stuck in that cycle, the tomorrow comes, with a yet another tomorrow to work for. With this in mind, we can ask ourselves, if it will be already too late to live and enjoy when we get to the destination.

Here are three things in our life that we can enjoy right now.

1. Food. With the sun of capitalism up, we have turned into beings that strive for productivity and efficiency. And the time eating is often used by multitasking with either lurking on the web, reading news or even doing our work. We forgot the taste of food, and think of only how to gain energy and diminish hunger so that we can go back to being productive again. Today, try eating food, and eating food only, you will be surprised how better it tastes when we think of what is in front of us only. You can also enjoy it with your family.

2. Walk. In nature, in parks, or even in the streets. Take off your earplugs, and the phone on your hands, and just enjoy the surrounding. Look up at the sky and feel the pleasant blue color. Try to recognize the shapes of the clouds. Sit on a bench you have always just passed by. Think of all the good things happening in your life. Recognize how all the problems in your head are nothing serious. Be thankful for everything you have. Smile.

3. Fun. Go out with your friends and enjoy the time without thinking about work. Be curious about things happening in their lives. Eat food and walk with them. Watch something interesting at home with your family. A funny movie, a funny show. It will take the stress you gained through work off your back. Laugh and enjoy.

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4 Points in Strengthening Self Belief

a belief can’t exist on something which isn’t.

Having a strong sense of belief in yourself comes best by creating and being the self you want to believe in. Even just starting to be that what you wish to be, can be a great contributor to a greater self-belief and confidence. Don’t be tricked, it is a no easy journey, but a journey which every happy and successful person travels. If the journey feels difficult to take, broaden your purpose about it. It is not just about a strong sense of self-belief, it is  about fulfilling your dreams, living the life, and meeting the best you that you can possibly be.

A confidence in yourself must come with a reason and a proof. You must really have something to believe in. And the best part is, you can create it. You can create the yourself that you wish to believe in.

Here are some general points on being a better self.

1. Love. Love yourself. You exist, you breathe, you perceive, you think, you feel and you love. You don’t need any more reasons. Love others. Love them because they exist, love them because they are different, love them because they create, love them because they love you.

2. Strive. Strive for your dreams, it will help you color the world around you. Strive to better your talents, it will develop the unique you. Strive to achieve your goals, it will make you feel competent. Strive for curiosity, you will love everything around you. Strive for knowledge, general and specific, it will broaden your conscience and the world around you. Strive for a better world, it will broaden your purpose and bring you humbleness.

3. Cherish. Cherish your mind and fill it with love, optimism and knowledge. Cherish your body, it is the one that makes everything possible, work out and eat healthy. Cherish your friends, they are a big help even if we don’t know it. Cherish your family, because they cherish you.

4. Enjoy. Enjoy the beauty of creation, you and everything around you. Enjoy today that holds unlimited possibilities. Enjoy the tomorrow that is waiting for you. Enjoy the fact that you are striving for your dreams. And most importantly, enjoy the journey of life.

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Are you Living or Preparing to Live?

are you living or preparing to live?

If you are thinking about productivity, work and time efficiency too much, then you will know what I am talking about. Sometimes people get succumbed into their improved world in the mind, and we blind ourselves in the real world. We wake up, to achieve that improved world, and we sleep to gain energy for another day of work. Time is too precious, every minute must be spent with a purpose, be it reading a page from a book, or taking a short nap. We organize and plan our day and it is safer for people not to disturb our routine. The present time is not important, but the future, where hopefully we will be closer to our improved world.

But you still feel something is wrong. Even if you are super productive and efficient, something is lacking. Something is passing by. We used our time efficiently, but we had a price to pay. Our time passed lifelessly. We forgot to look around. To stop and to breathe. And by breathe I mean a deep and conscious breath. Even when we are working out. It is only for the purpose of that improved world. Everything is numbers and improvements. We don’t love our body as a friend, but as a tool. The same is with our brains.

Can we be content with the improved world when and if it comes? Will we regret the life that we sacrificed? All the love that we couldn’t share because we didn’t have time for that emotional excess. All the people we hurt because they were of no use for our progress. All the friends we rejected because they were wasting our time? The time which was given to us, to live our life, to cherish our moments, to wander in the dreams, to be astonished with the beauty of life and the universe, to enjoy life with the people whom we love, and also more importantly who love us, and to whom we are most thankful. Tell me, are you living, or preparing to live?

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Inspiring the Life Within You

Have you every wondered, what happens to all the pieces of moments that pass by? Will they land safely, will they safely travel to the world of the past? Or will they just disperse into the black hole of the self-existence? Do we have to hold and cherish them to keep them alive?

But by doing that, will we be able to enjoy and live in the moment? The moment which will turn into the autumn piece of past the second we forget about it. What keeps this moment in an ocean shell? What uplifts it to the staircase of the future?

Is future really the present? Are you appreciating your one life that you have? One life in contrast to the eternity? Did you smile today when you woke up? Are you walking on the map of your dream? Are you feeling fulfilled with each breath you take? Are you painting this world with your colors? Will you be happy with the painting you created when it is time to look back, and rest in the eternity?

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Being Passionately Curious

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” – Albert Einstein

I have wondered my whole life, what my talent, what my interest, what my passion is. And I am still not clear about that. But what I am clear about is, that I am curious about everything, I like to learn about various unrelated things, and I believe that my mind will connect them when time is right. There are no unrelated things, its just that with our industrialization and classification, we made the points distance themselves. And the biggest inventions are made possible by connecting the points that were distant.

If you are clear about your talents and interests, lucky for you, pursue it and raise the bar. And if you are not clear about your path and choice, don’t worry, because you can more easily look at the big picture and connect the unconnected. Every human being, has his strengths, it is just the perspective which is different.

You know for yourself, what is the best for you, what you really like to do, what you like to learn about. Trust your heart, listen to it, and make this world a more colorful place.

PS. This post is obviously not clearing out the whole picture. If you are not sure about what to do next, how to bring food to the table. Here is the follow-up post where I clarify with more solid advice about your ‘career’ path. How to Earn While Being Passionately Curious

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How to Enjoy the Journey

Oftentimes, living our lives, we stop and ask ourselves, are we really enjoying our lives?

People are blind. We don’t see what is in front of us, but we prospect what may be in front of that hill, and often that view can be misleading. We don’t appreciate our past, our present, but wait for the future, which seems so much more interesting.

There are so many universal words that hold true for themselves, and we think that we are following them, just as we think that we are enjoying the journey.

From the old times, work has been a form to keep our needs met, and with the factor of limitless greed, we have been kept in the miserable circle, blindly running for the carrot in front of our noses.

If we continue like this, will it be late when the destination is met? Will it be late to enjoy? Will it be late to live?

Here are some points on how to enjoy our journey.

Appreciate what you have. Our wants, often blind us of our haves. And more sadly, we tend to appreciate our haves, once we don’t have them anymore. Although then we can’t appreciate them anymore, because they will become hads, not haves. Take pride in what you have, love it, cherish it and use it. They can be in life forms, our family, our friends, and ourselves. And they can also be in the less of life forms, though also lively, everything else that you and your loved ones own.

We can’t turn back time. Time is an adventurer that doesn’t come back. Love every second you live. Don’t let yourself later say, “I wish I had done it otherwise”. Appreciate your present moment. Use it for making your tomorrow brighter. Control yourself. Be thankful for every moment we can live.

Don’t deny yourself. Do what you can’t not do. Take off your mask. It is ok to live sometimes for others, but don’t let it take over your life. If you don’t feel like doing something, don’t. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t work or study. It is different, working hard is a necessary factor for success, and it is not wrong nor evil to succeed, in a good way.

Enjoy and learn from the present scenery. There are no cameras for our life’s journey. So we should try hard to cherish every moment. Enjoy the present position. And learn from it as much as you can.

Love yourself. Without loving ourselves, it is plain hard to do the hard tasks for our improvement. Studying, working (what we don’t enjoy working on), can be difficult if we are doing it for someone else. But in fact, it all incorporates into our selves and shapes us. Don’t think of the dull tasks as dull, but as important components that develops us. The us whom we really love.

We live only once. So make it last. Do something significant. Meet your potentials. Be the best you can be. Don’t let the rules and external noise shape your dreams and aspirations. If you don’t have any dreams, make it a dream to be the best you can be. Be a positive role model for the world and make a positive change.

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