The Problems of Inequality of our Inner and Outer Selves


Change the leaves and the whole tree will be poisoned. Change the roots and the whole tree will be changed.

We convince ourselves that the mask we wear is for the good of all. We fake it so as not to hurt the other person. We change our habits accordingly. We try. We live every day wearing our masks. We tell others to fly when their wings are still not ready. We tell others to smile when their hearts are still filled with tears. We lie to ourselves to make the other person feel better. We lie to the other person, to make ourselves look better. The more we distanced from the truth, the closer we became with the lie.

We walk on this thin line, where one missed step can inflict serious pain to other people. But little did we know that walking this thin line was inflicting serious pain to ourselves. Hiding behind the masks, poisoned our hearts and souls. The inequality between our inner and outer selves pressured our hearts to constant and silent pain. The longer we wore our masks, the further we distanced from our true selves. Lying to others not only gave us fake existence, but also gave others fake happiness.

But then we realize, that the lies can become truths, if the roots are changed. We realize, that we don’t have to try to change our leaves. We don’t have to burden ourselves walking the thin line. We don’t have to wear the mask. If we change our true selves. All lies can become truths because they don’t come only from our mind, but also from our heart. We don’t have to fake the language of love and happiness, if we become love and happiness. The poison can be cured and the fruit can once more become healthy. The people eating the fruit can receive true happiness, and we can once again become one with ourselves.

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7 Reasons You Should Write

pen paper - why you should write

If you have wondered if you should start writing, anything. If you have wondered why you are so bad at writing, or speaking as well. If you have wondered about the benefits of writing, then wonder no more, and read these points on why you should write.

1. Creation. Turn the magical world inside your head into a reality. Make your ideas real. Recreate the imaginary. Have your own creation.

2. Pleasure. Feel good about your creation. Feel good that you did something. Relieve the stress by pouring out your thoughts. Refresh yourself by writing something beautiful.

3. Creativity. Force your mind to play around and catch ideas worth writing. Make it easier to come up with ideas. Boost your artistic bar by writing fiction or non-fiction. Broaden your imagination.

4. Fortify. Strengthen your ideas. Create roots for the ideas that are worth it. Connect them. Organize your mind. Broaden the ideas you already have.

5. Discipline. Everything that takes some effort contributes to your discipline. Boost your power of will. Challenge yourself, and be victorious.

6. Intelligence. Push yourself by writing. Train your brain. Encounter new worlds in your mind. Develop your wits.

7. Write. Better. By writing more. Practice your thinking. Hone your creativity. Boost your speaking skills by making it easier to catch ideas. Be more competitive. Write on a writers’ community or write on your secret diary. Write anywhere, anytime, about anything.

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Internal Language

do you speak human?

Do you occasionally find it difficult to understand people or for them to understand you? Do you have to manage countless blunders at home and out because of little misunderstandings? Are your intentions pure but the people around you constantly scold you?

We all speak at least one language proficiently, but why is it that we still get misunderstandings? Why is it that two people speaking the same language get to arguments? Even though they love each other?

We are human beings, and talking with humans is totally different than talking with robots. The external tools such as different languages were created to convey our internal meanings and feelings. But throughout the development of time, we have gotten colder and started to ignore other’s internal composition. We talk with pure reason and logic. Scratching the surface. We have forgot how to use our internal language.

The internal language is incorporated, its synchronized with who we are and it is more important than we think. It is the sum of ones will, emotion, dreams, intentions, meanings and other abstract elements. Once we start realizing the presence of this internal language between our relationships, we will be able to dodge the misunderstandings, blunders and fights.

Realize that every human being has a different internal language. Realize that our external language is only used to touch and communicate with the internal language. Remember that we are human beings that have feelings, needs and different wants. Keep the people whom you love and who love you by being conscious of their internal languages. Don’t break them with the sharp words. Because, that was not what you intended, right?

This post was created with the help of my father who gave me the idea of the internal language.

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