Humanity in Conflict with Itself

Enemy Vs. The Inner Me

The subconscious is an abyss inside our minds, the invisible hand that can control our actions, that can draw the footsteps for us to follow. We are afraid, because we embrace the weaker connotation of being a human. As the subconscious is dark, we imagine it being infinite, a black hole, in front of which we seem powerless. Humans are simultaneously sick of conflict and in a constant search for it. We fight conflict with conflict. Everyone is blind inside a maze looking for his own way out, pushing anyone blocking the way.

In the same way, we hold the conscious in our hands and try to conquer the unconscious. We do everything we consciously can to conquer ourselves and the unlit. But, is the darkness of the subconscious a nightmare or is it just our dark imagination enchanted by ignorance? Is there really something dark in our minds and our hearts? And if there is, why do we fight it? Did anything finish peacefully with conflict?

If something is conquered with strength, it is natural that it will weaken. It is natural that it might later bring revenge with greater strength. Humanity itself is the epitome of the Orwell’s problem. Why do we know so little, given so much evidence around us? Why are we following the footsteps that lead to a cliff even though we are aware of it?

Definitions are equal to limitations. We define everything around us, we separate it, and we limit its possibilities for growth. The separation of our surroundings resulted into the separation and isolation between human beings. We long for connection, but constantly build barriers around us. We define a bird and limit it into a cage, the time flies, but the bird forgets. We build our own walls and force ourselves to climb over it.

Just as we try to conquer the subconscious with our conscious. The humanity tries to conquer humanity itself. We are one, but in our minds we are divided. The subconscious is a part of us, but we declared it our enemy. We are afraid because our eyes are covered. Humanity declared itself an enemy, blinded by unnecessary greed and artificial need.

Then we realize that there is no point in fighting with ourselves. There can be no winner when both have to be the winner for the war to end. We can reconcile with the subconscious by embracing it. We are fighting pointlessly. There is no reason to fight, because there is no enemy, except the one we imagine in our minds.

Photo by: Duy Huynh

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The Problems of Inequality of our Inner and Outer Selves


Change the leaves and the whole tree will be poisoned. Change the roots and the whole tree will be changed.

We convince ourselves that the mask we wear is for the good of all. We fake it so as not to hurt the other person. We change our habits accordingly. We try. We live every day wearing our masks. We tell others to fly when their wings are still not ready. We tell others to smile when their hearts are still filled with tears. We lie to ourselves to make the other person feel better. We lie to the other person, to make ourselves look better. The more we distanced from the truth, the closer we became with the lie.

We walk on this thin line, where one missed step can inflict serious pain to other people. But little did we know that walking this thin line was inflicting serious pain to ourselves. Hiding behind the masks, poisoned our hearts and souls. The inequality between our inner and outer selves pressured our hearts to constant and silent pain. The longer we wore our masks, the further we distanced from our true selves. Lying to others not only gave us fake existence, but also gave others fake happiness.

But then we realize, that the lies can become truths, if the roots are changed. We realize, that we don’t have to try to change our leaves. We don’t have to burden ourselves walking the thin line. We don’t have to wear the mask. If we change our true selves. All lies can become truths because they don’t come only from our mind, but also from our heart. We don’t have to fake the language of love and happiness, if we become love and happiness. The poison can be cured and the fruit can once more become healthy. The people eating the fruit can receive true happiness, and we can once again become one with ourselves.

Photo from: G-Dragon – Coup D’etat

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5 Tips for Being Emotionally and Socially Stable

brave new worlds - being emotionally and socially stable

The future, which holds uncertainty. The past, which brings mixed emotions. This life, turbulent, yet magical. It is difficult to be stable in this fast paced world where cruelty is more easily felt than warmth. Being emotionally and socially stable is a result of loving life, appreciating it, and working on it. The future, holds so many pleasant surprises. The past holds precious memories. Live this life as fully as possible.

Here are some points that can help you to be more emotionally and socially stable.

1. Love yourself. You have the ability to love yourself the most. And if you don’t love yourself, there can sometimes be a time when no one will love you. Appreciate your life. Your time at hand. Your unlimited possibilities. Desires, dreams, goals, and wishes. Be grateful. Be happy.

2. Love others. The kinder you are, the easier you will be able to fulfill your choices without obstacles. The world of cruelty is over. Those who follow the evil road will not succeed anymore. Appreciate your family. Cherish your friends. They are the ones who will give you the hand to stand back up. Be nice.

3. Improve. Confidence is important to being stable both emotionally and socially. By constantly improving ourselves, our mind can be more positive by believing in our dreams and possibilities. A successful chef in San Francisco, said “I know perfection can’t be attained, nevertheless I always work hard to reach it.” Stay humble, and work on yourself. Both in body and mind.

4. Learn to say no. We really can’t live our lives by living for others. Sometimes, we have to take control. Everyone holds his own 24 hours, so care for yours. If someone calls you for a drink, you can always kindly decline and call for another time if you have more important stuff to do. Creating something is difficult if we are constantly being distracted. It is important to spend time with friends, but if we feel we are not giving ourselves enough time, we might have to try harder to balance things.

5. Do what you love. Sometimes doing what we love can be difficult. But there is a difference between something being difficult, and us not loving it. So, don’t give up. If it is difficult, it means that it is worth it. It means that you are pushing your boundaries, and that you are improving. If circumstances don’t allow you to do what you love, then love what you do. Things could be worse. And you can learn from anything if you open your mind.

Photo by: Yuumei

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The Purpose of Life

cherry tree - purpose of life

I sat down yesterday to study for my exam in front of the open window. It was a beautiful spring day. The cherry tree in the garden was basking in the shiny sun and the winds were playing in the vast playground. I opened my literature book and thought about the quarrel with my mother before that. Just as every quarrel, it was really unnecessary. I let my selfish feelings win over me, because I was too weak to put a smile on my face.

I figured out the purpose of our lives. It was really simple. I just had to feel the truth in my heart and let it reason for me. The purpose of our life is to live our dreams, and to give-and-receive love and happiness. It is as simple as that. We just have to live nurturing our dreams, talents and wishes, and cherish the people around, who love us and whom we love as well.

Until now, I thought I can give and receive happiness once I achieve something. I thought that I could help people in greater extents once I reached some higher point. But little did I realize that I was hurting people on the road. I was just preparing to live. I was stuck in the future-me, the improved-me, the successful-me. I was too selfish. My success was the most important thing, and I hurt people on the way there. I didn’t stop on the red lights, and I hurt people instead of letting them drive with me.

Now I know. That I can go for my dreams, and share love in the same time. Now I know. That I can love people and let them love me, every single moment.

Photo by: Benson Kua

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Are You Living Your Dreams?


if you have no choice but to accept that this world is real, would you be able do anything to fill it with the colors of your dreams?

Did you start walking on the route of your dreams? Are you still living without your wings spread? All the rules, obligations and conventions, are halting our ability to be free. What have you done recently that is fulfilling your heart? Are you still chained with all the expectations of others? Do you think your interests don’t match the big puzzle of the world? Do you think that you don’t have time for your unproductive heart’s wants? Are you afraid that you won’t be able to sustain yourself?

Everyone can live and work for sustenance, but not everyone lives to fulfill oneself. To really touch one’s potentials, to sharpen one’s talents and to be content with the picture one has painted. Growing up doesn’t mean that one has to discard the dreams, but rather that we have greater ability to turn them into reality. Cherish your dreams and you will cherish yourself.

Will you be happy later with all the material benefits, while your heart still clings for what you really wanted to do. Will you be able to reason yourself to gag that regret? Won’t that mean you are eventually the one who is chaining the dreams inside you? No one can live the dreams for you, but you. And you have only one chance, one life.

What good is there even if we gain everything, if we haven’t lived for ourselves? What good is there to live in falseness because of our fears, while we could have blossomed to a much more beautiful flower by living by our true selves.

Do you have a wish? A dream? Do you feel that you have your own puzzle piece? If you don’t know what it is. Look for it in yourself. You might have hid it because of all the external fears. It is still alive in that box. Open it and let it grow with you. Let it paint the world together with you.

Illustration by: rukayex

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3 Things in Our Life We Can Enjoy Right Now

dandelion - 3 things in our life we can enjoy right now

Life passes by pretty fast, right? Especially when we close our eyes to our surroundings and don’t enjoy the journey. If you believe that we live only once, than our one life contrasted to the eternity is a pretty tiny thing. We use our day to be able to enjoy the tomorrow. But we usually get stuck in that cycle, the tomorrow comes, with a yet another tomorrow to work for. With this in mind, we can ask ourselves, if it will be already too late to live and enjoy when we get to the destination.

Here are three things in our life that we can enjoy right now.

1. Food. With the sun of capitalism up, we have turned into beings that strive for productivity and efficiency. And the time eating is often used by multitasking with either lurking on the web, reading news or even doing our work. We forgot the taste of food, and think of only how to gain energy and diminish hunger so that we can go back to being productive again. Today, try eating food, and eating food only, you will be surprised how better it tastes when we think of what is in front of us only. You can also enjoy it with your family.

2. Walk. In nature, in parks, or even in the streets. Take off your earplugs, and the phone on your hands, and just enjoy the surrounding. Look up at the sky and feel the pleasant blue color. Try to recognize the shapes of the clouds. Sit on a bench you have always just passed by. Think of all the good things happening in your life. Recognize how all the problems in your head are nothing serious. Be thankful for everything you have. Smile.

3. Fun. Go out with your friends and enjoy the time without thinking about work. Be curious about things happening in their lives. Eat food and walk with them. Watch something interesting at home with your family. A funny movie, a funny show. It will take the stress you gained through work off your back. Laugh and enjoy.

Photo by: shandilee

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4 Points in Strengthening Self Belief

a belief can’t exist on something which isn’t.

Having a strong sense of belief in yourself comes best by creating and being the self you want to believe in. Even just starting to be that what you wish to be, can be a great contributor to a greater self-belief and confidence. Don’t be tricked, it is a no easy journey, but a journey which every happy and successful person travels. If the journey feels difficult to take, broaden your purpose about it. It is not just about a strong sense of self-belief, it is  about fulfilling your dreams, living the life, and meeting the best you that you can possibly be.

A confidence in yourself must come with a reason and a proof. You must really have something to believe in. And the best part is, you can create it. You can create the yourself that you wish to believe in.

Here are some general points on being a better self.

1. Love. Love yourself. You exist, you breathe, you perceive, you think, you feel and you love. You don’t need any more reasons. Love others. Love them because they exist, love them because they are different, love them because they create, love them because they love you.

2. Strive. Strive for your dreams, it will help you color the world around you. Strive to better your talents, it will develop the unique you. Strive to achieve your goals, it will make you feel competent. Strive for curiosity, you will love everything around you. Strive for knowledge, general and specific, it will broaden your conscience and the world around you. Strive for a better world, it will broaden your purpose and bring you humbleness.

3. Cherish. Cherish your mind and fill it with love, optimism and knowledge. Cherish your body, it is the one that makes everything possible, work out and eat healthy. Cherish your friends, they are a big help even if we don’t know it. Cherish your family, because they cherish you.

4. Enjoy. Enjoy the beauty of creation, you and everything around you. Enjoy today that holds unlimited possibilities. Enjoy the tomorrow that is waiting for you. Enjoy the fact that you are striving for your dreams. And most importantly, enjoy the journey of life.

Photo by: halilgokdal

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