5 Ways to be Awesome

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power pose + cape = awesomeness

It has been two weeks since I started seriously with my blog. And I don’t know what triggered it, but I have been writing a post every morning. I never wrote in the mornings before, and you can guess how it was. Madness. I thought I will go mad, like Sparta. And I am still thinking. Usually I wrote only when I had to let the awesome idea out of my head, or when I was in my creative flow. But making myself write every day, turned a creative and fun process into an obligation. And you know how obligations are? Not fun and not creative.

It has been fun watching the unexpectedly high views thanks to Reddit (15,000 in 2 weeks, thank you zenhabitors). But, to keep this blog running and to keep myself from not going mad, I thought I really needed some changes. Both in the way I blog and the way I think about my blog. This post is a way to open up my blog for awesomeness, and to break away from serious-obligatory tunnel-vision.

How to be awesome.

1. Wear a cape. Blue. Green. Red. Pink. Rainbow. It can have logos, or you can imprint your headshot on it; so that you can have two heads. And you will lack only one more head, to be a Cerberus (given that you are a dog; a scary one rawr). If you like cats more, you can use a rainbow cape and put a grey cat mask; kaboom, you are a nyanmancat. Bonus tip: You can wear wings as well. You will have the awesome ability to transform into a crab when passing through doors.

2. Invent. Something. Anything (preferably, a teleportation device). It can be useful or it can be WTF. The important thing is that you created something new. Even if it really sucks. Anything is fine, as long as you can remember your young days later, and say, that kid was crazy. You know what inventors are? Awesome.

3. Awesomize. Awesomize everything around you. Splash colors, like a mad person. Help someone be awesome. Make them a cape, or a wing if you liked the crab joke. Ok, just make them a cape.

4. Go mad. Not by writing a post every day. Do weird stuff, for which you can be proud of because it was for scientific reasons. You can’t gaze at the sun because the awesomist Newton already did that. But you can gaze at the clouds and follow them till they disperse and see if you will disperse with them. Wait do they?

5. Finish. Everything with awesome.

Photo by: JD Hancock

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Two Different Ways We Perceive Art

I think there are two layers to art. The first one being appreciating the skills of the artist. Such as the skilled lines, circles, the geometry, the structure of the art piece, the masterful representation of the idea or the reality, the uncountable techniques in depicting one or other purpose. The first layer coming definitely with practice and deliberation. We really can’t describe the seed of our fascination, without a prior knowledge to the specific art “genre”. The ‘shepard tone’ in “Bach’s Canon A “2 making our minds feel the illusion of infinity, or the usage of the ‘golden ratio’ in Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus”, that sucks us into the art piece and makes us fall in love with it. We can also dwell in the ingenuity of the architectural solution of the Eiffel Tower as much as other genius inventions.

The other purpose or layer to art being a way of communication. Or a way of one to plant the seed of an idea, intended or not, to many. One of the similar points of different arts such as painting or writing being the ability to provoke emotions. Now, the idea and emotions being both abstract creations, one is definitely more from the rational sphere, and the second of more from the sensitive sphere of one’s being. The artist’s purpose in this sense can be either to implant an idea or to provoke an emotion for the audience. Taking Duchamp’s “In Advance of the Broken Arm” as an example, we can invariably see the distancing of the first layer, and proclaiming the invisible sphere of art. By placing an object into a foreign environment, in this case, a snow shovel being placed in an art museum and receiving a masterful status, we as humans can’t help but reason to bring a connection and order to the randomness. We get numerous set of questions that bring fruit to answers we would never come upon before.

It is fairly healthy to be able to distinguish these two layers of art, to fully enjoy all the art and the world around us. In the end, we are individuals and subjective beings, and what is important is how we feel and what we think. There will definitely be rule breakers such as Marcel Duchamp, Jackson Pollock or Laurence Sterne to whom we can be thankful for raising the bars for the ways of expressions, and how we perceive the impressions when we open our senses.

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update about the blog

So I had an idea yesterday, everyone can see the amount of suck in this blog, that is going nowhere, and no posts whatsoever are being posted. So I had an idea to bring in a change, which may decrease the amount of suck and bring some more elements of awesome, you know, lasers, cats and overpowered Apache copters. This blog has been strictly about stories of a foreigner, both literally and non-literally, strictly or non-strictly. But from now on, you may see some other random posts, with random topic and random randomness. Some of you may know, that I already write about the topic of self-improvement at searchwarp, but from now on I may post it here as well if I find it appropriate, and as well as other bunch of random things from my thoughts, epic findings and et cetera. And of course, I can still post awesome stories of my foreign life.

IT’S OVER 1000

Unfortunately it’s not over 9000, that would be awesome… but yeah, it’s surely over 1000, and I even took a screenshot for you, idk why, lol , i guess i saw a blog somewhere and that dude also did a photo of this kind… so here it is, wait let me figure how to put a photo, yay found it.


Yeah its awesome, and it is even 12 12, ITS THE END OF THE WORLD lol, not, i don’t believe in the end of the world, and not that I don’t believe  (double negative for the win), it’s that i am sure of it, why? because of reasons. Maybe I’ll reveal them one day, but surely not today, like I got a test on literature tomorrow so I am definitely not in the mood to reveal life changing secrets, yes. Lol, anyways what was I about to say, hmm, yes, it’s over 1000, and like, hmm, it’s not bad right, i mean 1000, at first i was like wow at 100 views, but its 1000 now, so it means like I’m like wow at 1000,  then it will get 10 000, and then it will be like LOL ITS OVER 9000! Anyways, thank you all for reading these silly posts, though this one is like the silliest of the silli, hmm silliest of the sillest, no, its like sill, THE silliest of the silliness? sillfull, not, the silliest of the SILLIESTS! RIGHT THE SILLIEST OF THE SILLIESTS I DONT KNOW IF THIS WORD EXISTS, BUT I WILL JUST LEAVE IT HERE, if it didn’t exist, then, let it exist from this moment. Yay, I’m like now the creator of a word, though it’s not a great word, it’s just a silly word, but its better than nothing, like we in Bosnia like to say, bolje ista nego nista lol (without the lol obviously), and I can say Bosnia, because I mean Bosnia and Hercegovina by just saying Bosnia and it is a known fact, but YOU FOREIGNER, lol I am also a foreigner, but it doesn’t count, i lived here for 15+years, YOU must say the full word, i guess lol. Yea, thanks for reading my blog, and I hope we can continue this to OVER 9000. Ok I’ll stop using this OVER 9000. It’s not like it’s the Mongols.

i think it is going to rain

I looked outside and there i see navy clouds surrounding the vast realm of the skies, like there will be some invasion of a kind. Little navy aliens in their little spaceships but of sturdy composition preparing to consecrate this land of Bosniaks. Don’t know if the sun is on their side or ours, or just standing there like judge of some kind, shooting rays of light that doesn’t damage nor heal, i wonder what those aliens think of the sun, prolly as one of the pagan gods, or just an another part of the universe that keeps itself intact, or maybe it is one of their allies, showing them the way, that would suck so much. Back to the aliens, this is so sick, i don’t know what their size is, i wonder if they are stationed in the raindrops, composed of nano-dimensions, without the need of excess energy provision, just existing as the air exists, composed of the one and only material, their existence itself. Their main ship, the big cloud that is made of mutinous unity of the little spaceships, fusing to transform itself to a powerful new being that can astonish its enemies through its gentle and unpredictable ways of conquest. Slightly moving their tactics as they have no time to worry about, living as much as their sun lives, they take no hurry and grow their patience as their swiftest weapon for their conquest of the new realms. Now, seriously, i think it is going to rain here.

my opinion for music school two

This is a follow up post from my last one about music school where i wrote a lot of petty things i felt in my stages of life while i was in the specified school. If you have read my last post, i believe you realized how painful and how childish i was, though some of the opinions may still be true to myself now, i now want to enchant the advantages one feels after finishing that kind of institution. I couldn’t bare myself leaving the trace of hatred without leaving at least some glimpses of light that is true. Yes it was frustrating, but now when i see the nervousness before the exam, crazy practicing times at late hours, i can’t stop myself from smiling, maybe because it is all over now, or maybe those were parts of the fun times of a teenager. Not to mention numerous friends whom i have met and with whom we shared the survival journey of the music school. The most interesting thing was our same feelings towards the school, our similar wishes of wanting to finish that institution as fast as possible, and the fun times we had together in solfeggio classes. No matter how much stress i gained throughout the six years, i can’t hinder myself of expressing how proud i am now to have finished it and to have acquired elementary skills and knowledge for violin and more importantly the music itself. It is being one of the pillars that build my confidence in everyday life , a gem in my mind that can not be expressed with words. Now i wish to thank my dad for enrolling me into that monstrous institution, with the same extends how i have stressed to him for reasons of sending me to the suffering… and also my professor who would really feel pitiful if he would have read my last post. Who knows to which unnecessary activities i would have thrown my time if i had not gone to the music school. If you are curious if i had used the violin after i finished it 4 years ago, yes i tried it around four times and every time i try it i wonder how i had not forgotten to play it after that much absence.