Life is Flowing Away

Day after day after day,
Time feels endless.
Night after night after night,
One everlasting life.

Yet, when I look back,
The past is but a fleeting moment,
A delicate memory.

Memories so fragile,
I can’t hold onto.
Fading away silently,
Silent passage of time.

Spreading my arms,
I fall into a false embrace,
The future is but a fantastic illusion.

A beautiful mirage,
I can’t ever hold onto.
Fading away swiftly,
Swift passage of time.

While I was lost in the past,
While I was longing for the future,
Life was flowing away.

Life is flowing away,
One moment at a time,
One transient life.

Live! – life is flowing away.
Breathe in the source of life,
Spread your wings,
And fly away!