5 Ways to be Awesome

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power pose + cape = awesomeness

It has been two weeks since I started seriously with my blog. And I don’t know what triggered it, but I have been writing a post every morning. I never wrote in the mornings before, and you can guess how it was. Madness. I thought I will go mad, like Sparta. And I am still thinking. Usually I wrote only when I had to let the awesome idea out of my head, or when I was in my creative flow. But making myself write every day, turned a creative and fun process into an obligation. And you know how obligations are? Not fun and not creative.

It has been fun watching the unexpectedly high views thanks to Reddit (15,000 in 2 weeks, thank you zenhabitors). But, to keep this blog running and to keep myself from not going mad, I thought I really needed some changes. Both in the way I blog and the way I think about my blog. This post is a way to open up my blog for awesomeness, and to break away from serious-obligatory tunnel-vision.

How to be awesome.

1. Wear a cape. Blue. Green. Red. Pink. Rainbow. It can have logos, or you can imprint your headshot on it; so that you can have two heads. And you will lack only one more head, to be a Cerberus (given that you are a dog; a scary one rawr). If you like cats more, you can use a rainbow cape and put a grey cat mask; kaboom, you are a nyanmancat. Bonus tip: You can wear wings as well. You will have the awesome ability to transform into a crab when passing through doors.

2. Invent. Something. Anything (preferably, a teleportation device). It can be useful or it can be WTF. The important thing is that you created something new. Even if it really sucks. Anything is fine, as long as you can remember your young days later, and say, that kid was crazy. You know what inventors are? Awesome.

3. Awesomize. Awesomize everything around you. Splash colors, like a mad person. Help someone be awesome. Make them a cape, or a wing if you liked the crab joke. Ok, just make them a cape.

4. Go mad. Not by writing a post every day. Do weird stuff, for which you can be proud of because it was for scientific reasons. You can’t gaze at the sun because the awesomist Newton already did that. But you can gaze at the clouds and follow them till they disperse and see if you will disperse with them. Wait do they?

5. Finish. Everything with awesome.

Photo by: JD Hancock

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