5 Tips for Being Emotionally and Socially Stable

brave new worlds - being emotionally and socially stable

The future, which holds uncertainty. The past, which brings mixed emotions. This life, turbulent, yet magical. It is difficult to be stable in this fast paced world where cruelty is more easily felt than warmth. Being emotionally and socially stable is a result of loving life, appreciating it, and working on it. The future, holds so many pleasant surprises. The past holds precious memories. Live this life as fully as possible.

Here are some points that can help you to be more emotionally and socially stable.

1. Love yourself. You have the ability to love yourself the most. And if you don’t love yourself, there can sometimes be a time when no one will love you. Appreciate your life. Your time at hand. Your unlimited possibilities. Desires, dreams, goals, and wishes. Be grateful. Be happy.

2. Love others. The kinder you are, the easier you will be able to fulfill your choices without obstacles. The world of cruelty is over. Those who follow the evil road will not succeed anymore. Appreciate your family. Cherish your friends. They are the ones who will give you the hand to stand back up. Be nice.

3. Improve. Confidence is important to being stable both emotionally and socially. By constantly improving ourselves, our mind can be more positive by believing in our dreams and possibilities. A successful chef in San Francisco, said “I know perfection can’t be attained, nevertheless I always work hard to reach it.” Stay humble, and work on yourself. Both in body and mind.

4. Learn to say no. We really can’t live our lives by living for others. Sometimes, we have to take control. Everyone holds his own 24 hours, so care for yours. If someone calls you for a drink, you can always kindly decline and call for another time if you have more important stuff to do. Creating something is difficult if we are constantly being distracted. It is important to spend time with friends, but if we feel we are not giving ourselves enough time, we might have to try harder to balance things.

5. Do what you love. Sometimes doing what we love can be difficult. But there is a difference between something being difficult, and us not loving it. So, don’t give up. If it is difficult, it means that it is worth it. It means that you are pushing your boundaries, and that you are improving. If circumstances don’t allow you to do what you love, then love what you do. Things could be worse. And you can learn from anything if you open your mind.

Photo by: Yuumei

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