Passive Habits

We are all familiar with the habits that we create to strengthen our daily routines for a better life. They are great and helpful for us to reach our goals. Many say, that humans are greatly shaped by their habits. How we use our day, is a habitual result. But if the habits we all know about are to be called the active habits, the visible and conscious ones, little did we know about the existence of its ying, of its counterpart, the passive habits. They are the strings behind the stage, the invisible, the unconscious ones that greatly control our lives. It is hard to come into the realization of the passive habits, because they are under the water, while the active habits are the only ones visible. But if we can call the active habits, the ones that make us drive forward, the passive counterparts are the ones that hinder us from taking the first step.

They are the two sides of the same coin. One feeds the other, and the other can destroy the one. If the active habits are wings that make us fly, the passive habits are the chains that keep us on the land. If you still haven’t realized what they are in real life, here are some examples that you will be pretty familiar with. Remember the last time you had to do your work, study for your exam, but instead went on Youtube or played some games? The first time was excusable, but the second time you did that, and the third time again, there you have created your passive habit. They are fearsome creatures which drown us without us even realizing. The one time you convinced yourself to not do something positive, the harder it will be for you to do it the next time.  They hold you back when you have to jump, they don’t let you try when a try is all you need; because of your passive habit of fear, your thoughts that you are not able to succeed.

Fortunately, once we are conscious of their existence, we can start to use them for our advantage. Once you are familiar with your fears, you can start changing them. Once you know what is holding you back, you can make it push you forward. Realize that every time you failed to try, that you are helping your passive habit form. Realize the easy formation of habits. Three times is enough for a habit to fortify. So use it for your advantage.

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